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  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

It doesen’t always say that Ive been banned,sometimes it kicks me then bans me,and sometimes I can play for 30 mins straight and then it bans me.

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.


  1. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.

FSOM event

4) Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.

I did hack on FSOM Im not gonna lie.

  1. Why should you be unbanned?

This was a one time thing.I just wanted to see whats good about hacking so I did it on FSOM because I knew that there were admins that can ban me quickly without me damaging the gameplay of other people.And I got to say,hacking isnt that good.

  1. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

February 1st 9pm.

I’m the admin that banned you.

Just so we’re clear, you hacked one time on FSOM because you knew admins would be there and you knew you would get banned, and you did this so as not to ruin the gameplay?

Of other players,yes.And I did hack this one time.

Ok. Moving on.

How do you feel (generally) about players who cheat in online/multiplayer games?

Did you know that the punishment for aimbotting is a permanent ban?

Dont like them.If they spent more time playing without hacks then with them,there would be no need for hacking software

I never said i used aimbot,I presonally beleive I dont need it.I used borders around players and a modded map that shows me enemy player positions aswell as .80% clipon sight used in CoD.I never used aimbot,its primitive.


Why did you evade? You were given instructions on how to properly appeal immediately following your ban. I’m fairly certain you’ve even see the video shown to you by the staff member who was in your clan. This indicates you knew you were banned, yet tried to evade anyway.

Did you know that the punishment for hacking is a permanent ban?

Oh that.Bosnia has the same problem as Tunisia.It has a dynamic IP,meaning my ip changes every 2 days or so.NOTE im not quite sure if its a problem with my ISP or my country.

Im talking with someone who is actually trying to sort this out.You’re currently not helping one bit.

I’m trying to understand if you thought it was a one hour ban or just a kick because the following days after the ban you kept evading.
If you were entering aloha knowing that you were supposed to be permabanned then it means you were purposely changing IP to bypass ban, and that is bad son.

You are only appealing now because you ran out of names and ips.

Ok. So here’s where we’re at:

I’ve done some digging. You were banned by SnIpEr on the 29th of September last year for aimbot under the name Mortis.

I take 2 issues with this. The first is that you’re implying that cheating is justified somehow when cheating against other players, yet you’ve done this at least twice now. More to the point, I don’t think you show remorse; you think it was ok that you hacked.

In fact, I think you’re lying, which brings me to my second point:

[15:47] Did.Not.Know.That.
[15:48] <@CaptainKiwi> You should
[15:48] <@CaptainKiwi> Mumble is a open source software which is open to everybody
[15:48] <+Scipio> http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0 Appeals section for Aloha
[15:49] Lite was a hacking scripter for all fps games.He installed backdoors into his hacking scripts and DDOS-ed 30 people.He was a great inspiration.
[15:50] <@CaptainKiwi> ok
[15:50] Not exactly “all” but popular ones: Combat arms,arctic combat,COD,BF etc
[15:50] <@CaptainKiwi> cool
[15:54] <@CaptainKiwi> Vitum are you going to appeal?

You idolize someone who creates hacks.

Again, you were banned by SnIpEr for aimbot explicitly. Also judging by my video, I believe you were using aimbot then too. Not that it really matters, cheating is cheating. You were definitely using ESP and No Recoil.

You avoided my question. You knew you were evading, and continued to do so thinking your dynamic IP would protect you. You were told by Aloha staff members (Kiwi and Scipio) how to appeal, yet you continued to evade until our trackers (and myself specifically) caught up with you.


And i cant do those fancy evasion softwares because i have to unlock my router which costs money
Dynamic changes everyday
<@CaptainKiwi> You have dynamic we knowq
That isnt evasion,its injustice
People were right about you Kiwi,you’re just a little kid who got some power on the internet and thinks he’s hot shit.

Your intent was to evade. Moreover, you feel that our ability to prevent you from evading is “injustice”. This indicates more to the attitude you have towards hacking and evading.

Now as to your original story: I don’t believe it for one moment. It is utterly ridiculous. You weren’t looking to get banned by an admin. You flagrantly displayed your cheating on a server with half a dozen admins on. I think this is arrogant. You didn’t think you’d get banned, you’ve evaded before, and you simply didn’t care.

You have never once apologized for hacking and ruining the gameplay for others, not to mention myself, who had to take the time out of my game to watch you instead of playing. Additionally you’ve further wasted my time by having to have me track you down for evasion and institute a series bans to prevent you from evading due to your dynamic IP.

You have lied at every opportunity and have not apologized nor shown remorse. Due to the feelings you have towards hacking as displayed in this appeal and during the IRC chat with Kiwi, I do not feel safe unbanning you as I’m confidant you will cheat again.

Your appeal is denied.

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