[x] PP hackers

Btw thats all the hackers for today…

http://youtu.be/sqsyGfyveLI got 2 more rolling
[18:28] http://youtu.be/A1TLoFeaEus
[18:29] == zeka-sama has changed nick to z3k4|nothere
[18:33] http://youtu.be/bkx1Kg2BJbY

Btw how many admins do i have to slap :l

got to more to add

btw sniper mestre x evaded

grrr imm gonna turn this into a 100 long hacker report and make one one of theses days

Edit got one more videos a roling
Name is Braulio and he had esp hal caught him for multibullets and he admited to aimbotting [i got the part where he admitted if you want]

where he said he hacked
http://youtu.be/f401B1NJZrA le prof

and another hacker


wrong video link

okay i will say what happend yes i used aimbot but thats all the no recoil thing is because i kepted my finger in the aimbot thing the asp i did not used that ,hal just called the admin when i used the aimbot when he was in my face and shot him whit an SMG, but i DID NOT use i repeate i DID NOT USE any extra powers and the extra bullets thing. im truly sorry that i did this but i was getting bored that i kepted calling admins and reporting hackers and they alwais were like let that pass and i was getting irritated im sorry. -braulio

edit:at first i didint understand the things you were saying whit that so you dont need to be THAT mean when i was talking about something i didint do about the asp or something and sorry for bad inglish :-[ :frowning: admiting part that i did not remember there :stuck_out_tongue: sorry for that aswell oh and the admiting there was this other guy that asked me about if did i know what esp and aimbot means thats why i whas esp no aimbot yes

Quoted just in case he decides to change it
imm not the baning admin
your gonna have to appeal to your banning admin not me
and when i spectated you you did have esp/chams [allows you to see people through walls

also something for the banning admin is that he refuted hacking multiple times

edit heres the actual video in which i saw esp

that comed by defaulted and i did not nkow about how to change the setings and i just wanted aimbot and look a the mess i got :-\

and by the way you are a dick if you were filming all the coversation you were like oh look hes a noob hes a digrace to society else for my part i did wrong and you were whining about me when i didint nkow a FUCKIN BIT

AND ESP WHAT just aimbot that i see there apart from what you just said above

thanks for the advice but the thing is im a diferent timezone soooo that could be a preblem whit my appeal
and only the abuse of that hacker thanksfully i just used per moments!

Ill dumb down some of my facy words for you.
If you are really and truly sorry please appeal here http://aloha.pk/index.php?board=23.0
following the ban appeal template here http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=762.0
also reading the lessons to be learned http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=1682.0
The admin will probably give you a 2 week ban or so which is the norm but it is better than a perma ban saying he finds you truly sorry in which case if the admin says a yes to an unban after so and so time you will wait out that so and so time plus a day [to avoid any problems that might happen that’s why i recommend you wait that extra day] then you can enjoy aloha’s servers legit and if you are interested in being a skilled player i recommend timi’s training guild [just do some searching]. Sniper or color is probably gonna ban you when they see my little hacker list, but for the time being i recommend you stay off aloha’s servers. until you are banned [the admin might take it as a sign of trust and be a little more lenient] and keep off them until you are unabnned. if the admin denies your appeal its a perma ban [aka forever] even them you can always leave for a few months then try a reappeal explaining why it was bad and why you are sorry etc and the admin might change the apeal from a perma

just to give you the odds of a successful first appeal saying you don’t lie and are sorry 95%

edit i just uploaded that video with you using esp the esp thats there atm is part of pubovl an approved hacker catching tool, which i used in turn to see that your behavior constitutes a person with esp

The reason i “grilled” you was to see if you would come right up front about it

Before i go to bed heres the last hacker vid imma upload the guys name wasbearclaw or something i have a second one uploading but imm just gonna cancel it since this on is proof enough

oh okay im sorry just now gotta wait 20 minutes now or until someone decides to ban me :-\

Technacly your not physically banned atm but your as good as banned atm if you wish to be unbanned follow what i said in my previous post. To add onto that when you appeal in the appeals section just saying sorry wont really cut it you would have to explain why you are sorry and why will you never do it again. Also i would delete your hacks and say it in the ban appeal.

Like i said in my previous post staying off the aloha servers is the best thing you can do during your appeal (in the appeals section of the forum i put a link for you in my previous post)

Just so you know i never do this especially to a hacker i have reported, but i feel some trust between you and me so imm trusting you atm

During your ban appeal and process there are other servers you could play on just stay off of mint and aloha servers because the bans are synced. (Even though your not banned yet the prof that was provided by me already bans you even though its not physically implemented yet, i did pm frol to expedite the ban but i caught him a tad to slow). If this was because of other hackers on any of the aloha servers the best thing you could have done was /admin (name or id) (server) (reason). E.x /admin i think hackernoob #3 is hacking on cs-map or hop on the irc and do it.

so thats why they never listend to me :stuck_out_tongue: and yea im going to try and connect if it let me i will jump back out and wait until the server says that i was banned or il just wait

edit:and i aprecciate that you trust me! :smiley:

Sorry for the late reply. School has been taking more of my time. Anyway, Nobel_six has already been banned along with Carloss. Alonso, jaquemate1, -AnD xL0S, GodlyFlym and braulio have been banned. Thanks.

you missed bearclaw, but i saw him on PP today we got into a little tussle with him lieing that he never hacked :stuck_out_tongue: provides Prof and monsta bans

welp i think he did not read the other comments from me well. to the BAN APEAL SECTION

oh and scipio its ``lying´´ (im sorry about that correction if thats angers you sorry)

still thinking what to say in the appeal section lol.

For starters here the format

#1) Wait at least 30 mins in case you were votekicked.
Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Try connecting again after 30 minutes.
If you fail to follow this step, I’ll personally extend your ban. ~Reki

#2) Please specify your ign (in game name).
Better yet, make your in-game name the title/topic of your post.

#3) Server you were playing on when you got banned.
Note: we only deal with aloha.pk servers here. (For you its Pinpoint)

#4) Reason for ban (please be truthful)
Don’t lie, it severely decreases your chances. (Example 1 | Example 2 | Example 3)
If your “little brother” got you banned, tell HIM to make an appeal, or take his blame for yourself.

#5) Reason why you should be appealed. /unbanned

Ty for the correction btw

Edit he did read the other comments

well im going too far whit this treath im just not gonna play aos for a long time THEN i will do my ban appeal i just want to let people know that im trying to say sorry by not doing anything in aloha server and all that so yea.

and i think im the first reported hacker that ACTUALLY talks in the treath he was banned :stuck_out_tongue:

edit:and by the way scipio i think you are helping me a bit to much because i think some admins can get a bit mad at you for helping a hacker . oh and can you teach me how to report hackers because my friend hacked when i got to go to is house he was hacking in a aloha server by the way is username is bruno but i aint got proof so just to wait AND i saw him using esp,aimbot,and the no recoil thing.

You don’t have to not play for a long time to show that you are sorry, admins believe in second chances if you appeal and show in it you are truly sorry they will most likely give you a second chance, almost every ban appeal that the person was really sorry for it and meant it got a second chance [theres ones where the guy half lied and got denied]. Even if your first appeal gets denied you can always appeal again in a few months.

On the topic of helping, If the admins didn’t like it they would pm me to stop, but so far nothing. Bruno is a known hacker /ban evader caught him earlier hes on my hacker list 3 times :open_mouth:

For catching hackers I use pubovl [i have a server selector out on the forums that has an auto injector in it for pubovl.dll [its an approved admin tool that lets you see what the person is seeing its features are scope show, little red + crosshair, and esp <---- approved esp that only works in spectator like the whole dll. It won’t work outside of spectator.

Pubovl thread i made http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3920.0
server selector http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=4016.0 it has some other servers if you wish to play on them [i do believe storwind and aloha bans are synced]

i use bandicam to record the hackers ad if no admin comes i upload to the abuse reports daily [when i can]

If you choose to wait a few months don’t get on aloha.pk’s servers even if they let you.
You could also have a private appeal with colorpinpoint with pms. [If he lets you]

With me there’s a difference between an all out hacker that doesn’t care and a more pacifist hacker that is truly sorry if that is the way it would be described.

Edit if your really interested in becoming a very good player http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=3703.0 thats the guild i was talking about

well all i can say is that you have help me a LOT and i apreciate it so i think now i think if i get more acttive whit ace of spades i think i will become someone like you to get hackers out of hiding.

Ill eventually have a how to catch hackers guild out but atm i just don’t have the time to create a private server and get bots and actualy show it so ill be sticking with my hacker videos to show the diffrence between legit and hacker, and you don’t have to go crazy catching hackers, you should enjoy the game On other servers.

maybie but im just trying to get some trust that I CAN CHANGE from the stuff :slight_smile: