[x] MysticGohan97

  1. I waited like months, i just found out about this

  2. MysticGohan97

  3. I believe Aloha.pkr1ctfHallway this was a long time ago so it might be wrong

  4. I actually have no idea at all, not lying. I maybe abused the votekick to votekick one of my friends for a laugh but he didnt get votekicked in the end. People have attempted to votekick me because they thought i was using aimbot but i have never been votekicked

  5. Because i wont votekick friends again and i cant play on any US servers i think

  6. I’m sorry i actually dont know the exact date and time but i believe it was around the end of september 2013.

Hey, I am the admin who banned you. I banned you for ESP(Wall hack) about a month ago, remember anything?

Please, tell me what wall hack is and i will remember if i did it or not. I dont remeber purposely doing something with walls except right clicking and dragging to build faster. Please reply, all i have is Nuketown now.

You were aiming at people behind walls as well as found a hidden player on the far end of the map. (B8?)

Hi, I just thought this was a good strategy for killing people because, at least for Nuketown, you can see peoples guns through the walls if they are up close to it, so i just shoot the brick until it breaks then at their head. I do i do not use some hacking device to see through walls or something. As for finding someone at the far end of the map, what i think you mean is, at the top of the big box on hallway (at the top of the map), at the very end of it. I go there all the time and dig down to sneak up on their team to slow the down. I dont think it is my fault if i encountered someone along the way. B8?

Please accept, i will stop what i am doing wrong just tell me.

Well, MysticGohan, I’m not supposed to interfere with ban appeals by jumping in, but I would like to say this …

I’m not accusing you of lying, but if you are lying, I would advise you to stop now, tell the truth and listen to what color has to say. Trying to lie your way out of a ban almost never works and if we find out or know that you are lying you will never be able to play Aloha.pk servers again.

I wanted to give you a fair chance to get back on the servers but lying is not the way to do it.

Remember for us to ban you, we need to have blatant proof of you cheating, we don’t just ban you right off the bat and go on, we collect evidence as well, before we do anything.

Good Day Sir - TwIsTeDBuLL3T

Seems that I can’t find my video of you, so you’re unbanned.