[x] lolbear's BAN APPEAL

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?

Yes, I came back several times, but a message kept showing up that I was “banned.”

  1. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

My IGN (In Game Player Name) is lolbear.

  1. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.

I was playing on the aloha.pk hallway and pinpoint servers.

  1. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.

I was chiefly banned for greifing. Others believed I was team killing, but that’s only because they encouraged me to act that way.

  1. Why should you be unbanned?

Because I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. That, and I get a little crazy when I stay up late.

  1. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.

I was Banned on December, 13 2013. I believe I was banned in the evening (I’m not sure the exact time).

Not relevant to this case Timi. Refrain from doing this again. It is not pertinent or even close to helpful.

Lolbear I looked you up on our banlists, you were handed a 5 day ban from one of our admins for griefing and evading the command to remove your ability to build/destroy blocks. Next time an admin tells you stop or removes your ability to build/destroy, DO NOT think it’s an invitation to re-log as this does not happen by accident. Your ban will expire: Thursday Dec 19 15:18 pm 2013.

And I’m sure the banning admin is going to come tell you the same thing later when he gets on but I wanted to say in future if your building privilege gets removed you can bet you’re doing something wrong that is not to be ignored or treated lightly. Good day.