[x] I, the joker, I be forgiven for using hacker on your server.

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    I not waited 30 minutes, so I waited 5 minutes

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.
    aloha.pk arena top 10 maps

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    Well, I believe I was banned because I accuse a person of being hacker, so that at the same time, I was using a hacker to know the location of enemies.

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    Well, I want to be unbanned because you guys have the best servers AoS, and also the most competitive, I use hacker because whenever I go into any of your servers have one person using it, and it gets boring playing against her, so I drift off and end up using hacker too.

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    It was about two in the afternoon comes and a 3 pm.

Hello darklight, I am the admin that banned you.

I appreciate and thank you for your honesty. When you hack to play against other people you think are hacking, it only worsens the cheating problem on these servers. It is very possible that a person you think is hacking, is not. Then when you use your hacks, you could be the only person actually cheating.

The best way to deal with people you suspect are cheating is to use the /admin command ingame. This allows you to contact the admins of the servers and we will investigate this person.

e.g. /admin I think #5 is hacking

I have made it so that your ban will expire: Tue Aug 13 16:33:37 2013 PST

Hello, it’s me again, you said I would be unbanned your server so that I was not, I wonder why? I thank you …

bump, (sorry for posting)

I already pmmed him to contact baron if it wasn’t lifted. Or hop on the IRc and say that it wasn’t.

The ban should be lifted by now, let me know if you still cannot connect.