[x] hacker's remorse

Hi, dudes.
A few months ago I was banned (permanent banned, i guess) for using the hack.
We played on babel server.
Everyone knows how many hackers on the servers of the AOC. I used aimbot for killing hackers from the other team for self-defense.
There was the massacre on the server. Also, I think, i killed many civilians players in those mess.
Unban me please.
I swear I will never use a hack on aloha’s servers, even if i will see hackers.

my IP: The admins can see my IP


You should really remove that IP asap. The admins can see your IP without you needing to post it.

Also turns out I’m the admin who banned you. I thank you for your honesty and coming forward. I will shorten your ban to a week from today (7 days).

The ban will expire: Wednesday November 6 @ 14:15:25 GMT

Rest assured if you are caught again there will be no third chance.

indeed ;-;

Oh, great! Thank you, bro!