[x] [FALLEN]Aaron


  1. [FALLEN]Aaron (my name has changed it was Aids, Then [FALLEN] Aposto, Due to too long of a name.) it’s now [FALLEN] Aaron.
    I am appealing a ban.

  2. Aloha.pk r1ctf counter-strike maps

  3. I wrongly abuse the votekicking process. The player. [PURE]Cassidy She apealled and was alloud in. It seems i’m banned from all aloha pk. servers as of yesterday.

5.) I am sincerelly sorry. it was a bad joke that I didn’t think would actually work and it did. Which is no excuse I know but it was not intended to harm her gameplay in any way. And if neccesarry I will personally appologize to her for my actions as well as all aloha servers for my inconveniance and ignorance.

  1. Yesterday. Friday, October 11 at aproxamately 12:00 a.m U.S eastern coast time.

Ok, thanks for admit it, i have unbanned you, and I hope you don’t do it again, this ruins the fun for others