[x] Beard Madness Ban Appeal

Hi guys!

I just apparently got kicked and banned. (Atleast I didn’t see any votekicks going on… Gonna apologize if ban is still on after 30 mins. :slight_smile:
Edit (19:04 GMT+2): Yeah… Still banned.

I played with name Beard Madness in aloha.pks 1-intel pinpoint 16.8.2013 18:15 (GMT+2) and I just had two flow going on and had some very lucky shots. :stuck_out_tongue: One when I was trying to break some wall and one of the best players just jumped from behind the wall. I also got one good line where many opponents seemed to in group, killed two-three people then. (Edit: I also have quite small ping-times (100-300ms) what can seem like I would be using something not-so-nice mods.)

I did a little sarcastic whining about that people was too pro for me but I don’t think that it pissed off someone so much, it really didn’t last very long. One comment and some explaining why I thought so. :frowning:

I really appreciate how you really moderate these servers, I consider them as the most playable ones. I wish that I still could play with you. :-
I registered here just to write this.

I’d also like to hear why I was actually banned for… :-\

Hey there! I’m the admin that banned you. I banned you for using an aimbot, as well as esp and a no-recoil hack… but as a) I somehow stopped recording my point of view 20 minutes before I made the ban, and b) I’m incredibly tired (and was only slightly less so at the time I spectated you) it’s entirely possible that I made a mistake in my judgment of you, that I was actually spectating somebody else and messed up on the player ID in the ban command, or otherwise screwed up somehow. I honestly don’t even remember making the ban, which is kind of embarrassing! :L

If you were cheating, let this be a strong warning to you. If I ban you again I will have video evidence and you won’t be getting unbanned in a hurry. In the considerably more likely event that you weren’t cheating and I messed up somewhere, thanks for appealing and sorry for the inconvenience! The ban has been lifted.

Thank you!

Now when I saw your profile name, I remember that it was you who rushed from behind the corner. Honestly, just a lucky accident that I was pulling trigger in that particular moment. :slight_smile:

And no hard feelings, we’re all just human livings. :smiley: You guys still do great job moderating these servers.

He used an other name, anyway topo knows what he do. Its his decision.