[x] Ban [S.G]Semi00[JF] [Please remove me the forbidden]

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to ensure that their " ban" is not just a Votekick ?
  • Not a Votekick , I have 2 Months Without playing in aloha.pk tower of babel [0.75 ]

2 ) What is the name of the player in the game? Please include in the subject of this issue as well.

  • [ S.G ] Semi00 [ JF ]
  1. What server were you playing when you banned ? Reminder : Only we can help with the prohibitions took place in aloha.pk servers .
  • I banned in aloha.pk tower of babel and banned me All Out Servers aloha [0.75 ]
  1. Why was banned ? Lying severely decreases your chances of being unbanned . If your “little brother” has forbidden you , tell him to make an appeal , or accept responsibility for their part.
  • In That moment was using a Hack, Which I do not use that PC Clean All
  1. Why should you unbanned ?
  • That Likes Server and for the amount Of People Playing In Your Servants [ The Other Bored ]
  1. When you are banned ? Best date and approximate time , please.
    I do not remember the date , but I think That was August 22, 2013

The poll is unnecessary.

I’m the admin who banned you, but I want to know:

Why did you hack?

Well, I answer that question, a reason

1 -. We Utilize annoying people Hacks others … and not let us play as it is, why we use Hacks.
At least you’re a professional with a rifle and assassinate everyone with headshot No hack
PS: Remove me The Ban, I like your servers

OK I understand. I will shorten your ban to 1 week from today. In future you can use our chat room to report other hackers you reach it here:


The ban expires: Fri Oct 18 2013 16:10 GMT

Thanks, does the use Chatroom Send reports to hackers?

(Sorry for intruding)
The irc is a place to report hackers if nobody responds when you use /admin (playername) (reason) (server name) e.x. /admin noobhacker is hacking on babel. Or alternatively instead of the player name use the id number. The irc has watchers like me who react if their is not an admin atm (we record hackers for banning). Thats after we ping a few admins and get no response. If no admins respond within a few minutes look on the website to see who is on then look on irc and slap the people with a @ or a +. In front of their names who were online on the forums. If no admins respond try slapping Juxta. If all fails try me (Scipio). If all else fails either record the player and upload the link of the video to the abuse section or two join a different server.

Do try /admin every 5 or so mins if no admin responds they could be spectating another hacker when the /admin comes in. Just please don’t spam it