i tried joining any server today and for some reason when i try to join it says im banned! WHY IM BANNED FROM ALL SERVERS IM A LEGIT GAMER I NEVER TEAMKILL, BUILD RUDE STUFF, GREIF MY BUDDYS, NEVER HACK THE GAME. like come on seriously ALL the good servers are aloha servers and i cant join any of them and why am i banned and all the actual dick heads are not banned I AM FRUSTRATED D:< also i have done nothing bad but for some reason overnight i got banned.

sorry for raging and caps its just that I am very frustrated this is the most annoying thing I feel like un-installing ace of spades cause there are no good servers to play on and all of the other servers are filled with annoying hackers

Care to give some details? Which server were you on last? What time? Any little bit will help us to help you.

  1. your ign/igns if they differ from your forum name would be helpful for starters.
  2. what was the last server you were on, also very helpful.
  3. who was the last one to use AOS in your household, little brothers/sisters may have gotten the ban which would effect all users.
  4. any other pertinent info you may have like friends-neighbors using your PC or internet connection.

Check and if your username is on their then your globally baneed from every server running Pyspades (LOTS).
If not it might just be a Aloha local ban. If so it would be helpful to know what’s your ign and date of it so @Izzy can check it out

alright thanks for the info im brand new to this forum page. it was around 11:00PM may 23 i dont know what time zone though so i will say south Ontario. my IGN is the exact same as my form name (astinkypuppy) the last server i was on i dont know the name but i know the game mode is Babel and its the only server with babel. i was playing fine didn’t even type anything in the chat box i was being 100% mute and i had to do something so i quit the game and when i came back i was banned! i am the only person who plays the game and when i went to do something i didn’t even have to leave the computer so i know someone didn’t log on as me and use hacks and crap like that. please unban me i have nothing to do right now and im very bored.

EDIT: Oh wait never mind it was just a temp ban and all is fine now but thanks for you’re help and just as some info for other people who have been banned: do not go on the forums to report you have been banned right away, wait around 12-24 hours or less and you may be able to play again. but it’s always good to be safe cause it might be a perm ban make sure you Wright down the last server you where on and when you got banned and report that you have been perm banned after 24 hours to make sure you have been really perm banned or not.

you are correct, most bans are 12-24 hrs. Still dont know why you got the ban but happy shooting!

If you’re banned from a server, wait 30 minutes or possibly 12 hours, at which point most temporary bans may be resolved.
If it persists more than that, make a forum inquiry.

i’m guessing you left the server while there was an active votekick against you, which will auto temp ban you for 30 minutes