Wrongly Banned from Infiltration

Hey. So i was playing on the infiltration server when I got votekicked for the reason “He’s on the blue team”… I thought this would be a temporary ban but I’m still banned 2 days later! My username is Fluffy_Death.

It was on the map Hillfort and two players didn’t enjoy me defending my fort from their spades with a shotgun, ha no joke that was the first reason “gay with shotgun camper and griefer”. After the fort was down one of the players called “hax” on me for not spraying with the SMG. After 5 votekick attempts i got kicked :frowning:

If this could get fixed that would be great! I was starting to really enjoy that gamemode! Not sure if this is the right part of the forum or if I need to provide an IP address??

I believe I was the one who banned you… After looking through my notes im not seeing a definitive reason. it may have been a mistake and if it was, i apologize. There were a few i banned from infiltration that day for aimbotting. I unbanned you so you should be able to play now.

Yeah I’m able to play again, thanks!