Wrongfully Banned. (Berms)

Hey guys, I was wrongfully banned from the ToB about an hour ago. Apparently I was using aimbot, esp, whatever, when I wasn’t because I’m currently at a three-day LAN party on borrowed school/gaming computers. I’ve never used ESP, Aimbot or anything like that because I don’t need to, I know how to play the game. I would appreciate it if I could be appealed from this, because I’ve done nothing wrong. Nope can vouch for me, I’m a good player. The date was the 26th of September, 2015 at about 10:30-11. Thank you. I was banned by Goldorak, so if you read this, please revoke it.

Please fill out the template

me and goldorak watch him for many minutes and we see the aimbot we don’t record,if he isn’t using i’m sorry but i see the aimbot in my opnion

I’m sad about your ban, Berns, but I’m mostly sad about your denial.

Not only did I see ESP and aimbot, but I was looking at you along with another admin which would confirm what I saw. We both looked at you for at least 10 minutes, so we have no doubt about it. I understand Nope could vouch for you if you behave properly when he is around, which was not the case.

I do not have a good enough computer to be able to film, so I have no proof to give about your cheating. Your ban is valid for 1 day and I recommand to any other admin to not change your ban as long as you will keep denying the facts.

I would also suggest you to get rid of any hacks you got on your computer because definitely you will be on the watch list for the next days. If I ever see you cheating again, I’ll make sure to get other admins to make videos and to make this ban permanent.

You are an excellent player and you know the principles of the game. I really hope you will not take the ban on the wrong way and that you will keep playing with us, if you can play fair, in order to respect the other players.

I’ve had the organizers of the LAN at which I am attending to check the computer, and all other computers at the event for any hacks installed on any and all computers, and they have found none. It is a hired PC, used at the event for the students that attend the school. I, along with the people who set up the PC’s, and threw together the LAN that there are NO hacks on ANY of the computers, and it’s highly doubtful considering the PC’s used here are for students and video games are prohibited (With the threat if suspension if caught more than once). I am an excellent player, and I’d appreciate it if you could leave the good players alone, and not make assumptions. I know you’re doing your job, but this is ridiculous.