Would you play if we created a Trench Warfare??

So basically. my idea of Trench Warfare is that it is located on a small map. with two trenches . One for green and blue. (players respawn in the trench). It will be rifles only and the map will be indestructible. It may be fun. But i need your reccomendations and the things you dont like about the current idea.

Also we need scripters to volunteer to make this happen?

this sounds fun and worth a try. i’ll do it if no one else does. remind me if i forget. :stuck_out_tongue:

if you do it please post the map and any necessary scripts here.

Hellz yeah!
I’ve been itching to work on a trenches-based map myself, but never found the time. Can I help fill the rotation if this gets in?

I can help make artillery scripts.

Tbh it sounds like ga trenches with less trenches.

I don't think this is the kind of trench warfare you're talking about but it is an awesome map. See the attachment.

trenches.vxl (2.18 MB)

That is what I envisioned. Just add random explosions (atrillery script)

Indestructible map doesn’t sound appealing to me. For something like trench warfare you want the map to evolve.


Also, why rifles only? This might be one of the few times the shotgun has it’s niche.

hmmmm. i wanted trench warfare to be small. like a minimap and simple. But i will think about artillery and stuff which requires a moar bigger map… and also try to think about how WW1 and WW2 was like. im tying to implement the life in WW2 in the map. like muddy water in the trench

so heres my draft of the map. remember its only a DRAFT.  i will add more details soon. like the width of the trenches , and script to be used etc. PS. i don't know hot to use voxel and blockman so i need some assistance.

The picture looks ghey…Nah I kid.Looks pretty alright to me.We could make it rifle and shotty but definatly not the smg.It would be too OP on this gamemode.

If it’s going to be indestructible why not turn it into an arena map?

i think i want a new one. Iv’e played in that map before and its pretty good. but i want to make a new , simpler one

I agree with no SMG, I would play the server way more with no smg. (its like the bane of my existence)

Eternal, I make maps using photoshop to create a height map. Then I use a map creator that takes height and color map data and converts it to a voxel file (ie; the map file).

This stuff was all freely available on the old forums, I’m sure it’s somewhere on the build and shoot forums.

Using height maps IMO is the easiest way to at least start a map. Later you can use voxlap (IIRC) to add in objects and stuff. Also, I remember FaultCheck making a map creating program called Blockman2D.

Here’s my .psd file for ellipsis to see how I did it. For the height map you’d turn off all the color layers leaving only the height map layer on, then export as png and import into the map maker. Do it again for the color map with all the layers on.

Photoshop is real useful skill to have that you could use in many careers.


Hey ei8htx, thanks for your help.The only problem is thst im running MAC and i use my older low spec netbook to play aos. I don’t think Blockman and Voxlap is comptible with MAC osx. But i will have a try .

You know there is a Mac version of AoS on the Minit download page, right?

yes but it won’t work
for some reason.