"Worst Aloha.pk" Award

handpicked by the very bests

Edit: you may delete the poll it was just to show pokefan how pointless his poll was. Since I can pick whoever I want like he did. I don’t really mean to hurt him either. Also your mom is not the player your mom I didn’t even know or remember there was a player named your mom.

implying not allowishus

where’s my name? i feel left out.

Wtf why aren’t I in there?

Oh, come on! I crate one poll and now I’m at -4! Geezus, if you don’t like it don’t vote!

ugh is your mom is suppose to be me its suppose to be his not your

Avurky can i make a better list of worst aloha.pker award.

Yes, I found it funny as well, I expected Jagex to get the most votes since they apparently “ruined” aos.

Everyone vote for Anus! :wink: For those of you who weren’t here that long, Anus was one of Aloha’s biggest troll/griefer. If you want to see some of the things he did, go to the memberlist and find his profile.

Hilarious about how much votes that pokefan got.

Just notices Jagex isn’t really an Aloha.pk’er…

And, CONGRATZ ON YOUR 2002th post Reki! (i’m 2 posts late)

wheres me?