Words per minute

Let’s test ourselves!

My fastest is 54 WPM with CPM of 289. I believe it’s below average. :\

What about you guys?



186 37 wpm :confused:

391 CPM (that is 78 WPM)

Your score beats or equals 93.09% of all!

i won nobody can beat me now

out of 2 tries my highest was 393CPM/79WPM

Damn u

Your score: 412 CPM (that is 82 WPM)

454 CPM (that is 91 WPM)


First try.


Nobody has faster fingers than I do (hello, ladies ;)).

Fight me, nerds.

you beast 0_0

I cannot type right now, too sleepy. However…
I really hate typing random words, but first try:

I prefer typing quotes or whatever:

I am so sleepy typing is so hard… both of those are bad scores.


Lol that typo that is shown below

Here are my results:


417 CPM, 83 WPM

Think I broke the website.
I type whats in the box and no new words showed up so I sat there for 45 more seconds fiddling my thumbs

Your score: 230 CPM (that is 46 WPM).
In reality, you typed 235 CPM, but you made 1 mistake (out of 42 words), which was not counted in the corrected scores.

Your mistake was:

Instead of "open", you typed "oepn".

get some!