Why was I banned?[AOSC]YAN

[b]1) There was vote kick


3)It must have been there in the hallway so game

  1. Do not know why I was banned when I was banned from playing appeared

  2. I do not know just wanted to know, and if I could unban

  3. I have not the slightest idea when I was going to play more or less 05/30/2013 17:12 PM BRAZIL[/b]

Hi there. I was the guy who banned you. The first reason that I decided to see if you were cheating was that the server detected you were using an aimbot. Then I saw you snap several times to hidden players and you attempted to get them by spading through. On top of that, you had no recoil.

Care to explain these?

Look I do not use aimbot because I know that virus has now run out vo play on my favorite server

I have a virus too and the virus doesnt play for me on aloha.pk?I dont really understand you…I understand it like this:A virus who plays for you and a virus who hacks
Is it that what you mean?

Not to understand anything or use hack the guy who takes after me banish anus Me

This is by far the lamest excuse I’ve heard so far. Viruses don’t play and cheat for you, you do that. You will not be unbanned.

You guys are misunderstanding everything, he is Brazilian, he doesnt know how to english.

Fala brazileiro que eu vou tentar traduzir.

Sniper diz para eles que eu não sei porque fui banido nem mexo com hacker porque da vírus e fode o pc só quero que desbana e me deixe jogar

This is the video showing that you were cheating ingame. The first 30 seconds shows you perfectly targeting a hidden player and you using an SMG to kill him behind the blocks. At around 2:45, you begin shooting at blue spawn with no recoil. And again at 4:00, you approach a hidden player and kill him.

Agora explique isto, este video mostra você a usar cheats, nos primeiros 30 segundos você aponta para um jogador que está escondido atraz de blocos e usa smg para mata-lo, em 2:45 começa a disparar contra o territorio dos azuis sem kike na arma, pois ela não se move, e em 4:00 voçê vai direitinho a um jogador escondido atraz da parede outra vez

Look I confess I used the same hack and I am very sorry for it because they are playing in hallway.Se know you have God in my heart for the love of god desbani and just want to play in peace because he had used the hack using other and they used were banned for a maximum of 30 minutes. GOD AND LOVE

Thank you for confessing. Honesty will pay off in the long run. I will reduce your ban to two weeks, but add one week for not being honest in the first place. So you will be able to play again in 3 weeks. In the meantime, do not 1) evade your ban or2) use hacks in any way, shape, or form, because next time you will not get unbanned.

See you in 3 weeks.