Why Some people needed to be Dumb?

Everytime I play there’s no day or hour i wont be votekicked rarely worked and commonly failed because of dumb reason. Im gonna be honest past 3 years Im a Aimbotter because i dont wanna lose. After those 3 years i deleted my Aimbot and Play not the Classic but OpenSpades really stunning OpenGL gameplay a game fair without hacks i learned my lesson that you can be a TRUE PRO without Hacks.
But recently I got kicked for hacking blaming the fault on me so everybody believes it. Some of it is Annoying telling in team chat the location of the enemy and i go then they votekicking me for ESP or Wallhack Hope this KIDS DUMB CRISIS must be over cant play normally with this Crisis It Chaorrupted Whole Over the Aos WORLD.

Welcome to AoS, my boy.
The place in where if you are pro = 80% votekick chance.

lol yeah but maybe you should apply for trusted status :smiley: