Why is FFAX down?

Why is FFAX down?I don’t see it on the list.I love that gamemode.

Yes i’d like to know why is it down and parkour too. I like parkour .???

I think the parkour was down because of some glitches, and the one who made that mode is trying to fix it i guess.

Yeah I loved FFAX… I hope they put it back up soon. Parkour was also pretty cool.
One thing I would like to know is what happened to the Omaha and Lone Tower maps on infiltration? That server is already low on maps and it gets pretty repetitive… why are they taking maps out of the rotation?

Lone Tower was removed in the rotation by izzy because people complained that Blues were easily fucked if the Greens dug out their tower. I don’t know why Omaha was taken off.