Why in the world was I banned?

I was banned approximately 5 minutes ago. I had just left a game and was practicing a guitar song before I got into another one and it pops up with a message that I’m banned. Why? What exactly did I do? I wasn’t glitching, trolling or hacking. Maybe some person was spamming the vote box in a rage of blaming hackers (something I don’t pay attention to) and it was me and I left in the middle of it. Maybe that’s why I’m banned? Please respond. I’m a little confused.

If you were being votekicked and left during one, you get banned automatically.
It lasts 30 minutes, so chill out, grab a coke, watch some Adventure Time, then get back at it.

you are giving us nothing to work with, like the server would be a pretty inportant thing to say. We have 13 servers so help us help you

I was there when you got banned, You got banned because someone was votekicking you and you left during the votekick, Leaving while being votekicked still gets you banned. Just wait out the 30 min and go back in game.

so, otherwords, by now, he can play so, in my opinion, this matter is closed, :stuck_out_tongue:

Dr. Pepper is better

It’s also harder to find.
If we’re going by quality, grab some sarsaparilla, and THEN we’re talking.

To Lolies (and pretty much anyone who gets votekicked): if you get kicked again, post here (your own thread) rather than starting a new one. You might have to dig the threads for it, but it helps us in the long run.

EDIT: I lied, make a new thread instead.