Why did I get banned?

Hey I lately cannot play aloha hallway because I’m apparently banned, I couldn’t access it for last 3 weeks I believe, I seriously don’t know why I got banned, that is another friend got banned for no reason too, this was the only server I played before I got banned, I don’t know the reason why I got banned so please if you know the answer, please reply. Cheers.

By the way my name is [MI]your mother and my friends name is {FFYC} Monster I believe

are you able to connect to any of the other aloha servers?

there are no traces of your IP, your name, or your friend’s name in the hallway ban list…

Hmm, I can play other servers but my favourite server “aloha hallway” whenever I click on it, it comes out with a window that says “banned”, that was happening for me for a week :confused:

maybe hes on the gbl?


The global blacklist. Anyone on it can’t connect to any server. I don’t think you are on the GBL.

The link is blacklist.spadille.net though. To see if you are on it just go to the link and scroll to the bottom, you should see something called ‘Blacklist status’ if it is BANNED then you are on the global blacklist.