Why am I banned?!?! D:

I haven’t been on for like a day and when I got on it says I was banned! Why?!?!? :o

you were banned for four days for moving the intel to the corner of the map on pinpoint.

Um okay…

Let me clarify.

I got onto the pinpoint server to bring the intel back to the center of the map. It was in a position unreachable to regular players. I then left the server. I watched on a map as wayne grabbed the intel, then proceeded to waddle over to the edge of the map, where he died and dropped it. Your buddy wayne then left the server. Based on the in-game chat, I determined that he was the one to take it out there the first time also. Wayne was banned for four days.

So there you were, bored, with itchy fingers. Would you like to fill us in on what happened next? I’ll go pop some popcorn while you refresh your memory.

Not bored really, my fingers aren’t itchy. o.o That’s just weird and my memory is refreshed. So what kind of popcorn you making? ;D

The popcorn was a lie.

Why you lie man! ???


Haux was making a JOKE! Why must you be so daft? He said “I’ll go pop some popcorn…” because he wanted to hear your side of the story, and he was expecting to enjoy it (i.e. possibly get a laugh out of it).

Haux said “…bored, with itchy fingers.” because you were (most likely) bored without your friend on, and you were ‘itching’ (i.e. wanting) to do something that would make other people mad. :stuck_out_tongue:

God, just tell us your side of the story so we can get this appeal over and done with. ::slight_smile:

XD I know it was a joke, I was also joking. :L And this is already over and done with! Geez. ::slight_smile:

O.O And also my side of the story has already been explained. I’m banned because I was moving the intel to the corner of the map. :stuck_out_tongue:

NOW you’ve informed haux of “…what happened next?”
That’s all he wanted to hear!

:-X Um wow.

You get banned for taking the intel to the corner of the map. WHY?

Hismom please stay out of ban appeals that are irrelevant to you.

On pinpoint, taking the intel to the corner of the map is a bannable offense because past a certain point, there is water damage, and if you take the intel far enough out there, it cannot be retrieved, effectively stopping the game from coming to completion.

Your ban should be over now. In the future please don’t do this. Also note that we now have an automatic system that moves the intel back to the middle of the map if people attempt to move it to the corners.