Which map should be removed from Arena mode?

You have a map in Arena you don’t like? Then tell us!
Map name:

Facing worlds arena

There aren’t many dynamics to the map other than camping tower or trying to rush middle. Every time the map comes on I just quit.

You kidding, that’s my favorite map. Next to no spawn-wall-glitch, space to hide, space to snipe, space to charge…it’s got everything!

yeah remove it.

I will make a poll on it, let see if the admins agree

I think there should be more maps added rather than removed. I should start making the Osama map now…

avsides is one of my favorite arena maps!

Map name: Penthouse

Map Name: avstorage
Reason: I’m kinda mixed on this. On this map, the primary weapon is the spade. The secondary weapon is the grenade. The guns are pretty much all decoration.

Either nerf spading on this map, or get rid of it altogether. I’m tired of people aiming spades through walls and ceilings to make kills…

And you Satou. Why are you doing it too.



I’ve been really hating the plane map lately. I know all the blue people love it (for obvious reasons) but I haven’t seen green win a match on it one time. Think about it. Right out of the gate, blues with rifles have a straight shot at the bottom of the stairs on the green side. Blue will immediately rush to that line of sight and spam rifle shots. On the top level, blue has immediate access to the outside/top of the plane. Green can’t rush top or bottom without risking getting killed right at the start of the match. This is frustrating for players like myself that play green 99 percent of the time and never camp.

but why Mojo?? your favorite map!

seriously though, i could do without avbeige as well. Avuky did say he would block off a big chunk of the map if it didn’t play well. maybe we should remove it until he does that.

Most of AV maps really, like reki stated they’re all about spading and throwing grenades if you need to use a weapon its a shotgun, most of them suck in my opinion, maybe I just dislike small maps

Serious_Sim just updated planeassault (airplane map) with some balance tweaks. give it a try, see what you think now…

AVSides has a lot of fast paced action. I like that.

Were as Facing worlds arena is boring as you have to camp to survive.

@heracles: That is hard to do given the fact as soon as you go down the stairs you get shot. Even rushing as fast as you can right out the gate.

I am happy to hear about the tweaks. I’ll be playing this evening and am looking forward to seeing the changes.

heracles4: This is not true. If you time a sprint-jump correctly, a green can land on the bottom of the stairs really easily. And since the blues have their guard down, you can get in many, MANY headshots.

The bottom can go both ways. It really depends on who can shoot and kill faster, and gain control.
Once that happens, that team controls the bottom.

Late to the party as usual, but I have no problem with spading through the walls on that map. It maybe a glitch but its not one-sided. Ive been spaded back many times, all it takes some awareness and you can take out the wall spaders with their own tricks. I think it adds some flavor to the rotation as well, having a map where using unconventional tactics and weapons adds spice to the Last Team Standing experience.

It’s a glitch that I want taken out.

I only kill wall-spaders with the glitch. Not normal people.