Which do you prefer out of these maps?

These maps are pretty popular just wanted to see which one people like the best?

heres some pics thanks to Danke's list on the next top ten maps.






Planeassault, even though I can’t tab out without falling through XD

Nuketown bores me, as well as CSitaly and indiaarena.
Avseafort is ok, but nade spam gives blue an advantage.

i agree with the avseafort comment and the planeassault one too i fall through alot also. i like indiaarena though cus its mainly a shotty map.

I don’t actually play arena much at all, but from my experiences information indiaarena has to be my favorite second favorite after facingworldsarena

planeassault and indiaarena are best. Facingworldsarena is the worst.

lol i dont think any map is horrible, but some maps are slightly one sided like on avsmallfortress where the green can just nade volley then rush and get an instant win. (unless the blue are tactically camping that is)