Which client do you use and would you be willing to change?

Hi, I was wondering in which client people use.

I was also wondering if people would be willing change clients to go to OpenSpades if there would be OpenSpades only servers, with possible new features like: vehicles, the ability to carry 2 guns, more players per server (64?), bigger maps, better server performance, etc.

I’m simply asking this out of curiosity and also to, perhaps, give more community insights for the ngspades (the next-gen protocol) developers.

I’d also like to know why you prefer a client over another.

well first this is not buildandshoot’s game, they are a community.

buildandshoot provides a useful launcher to easily run different versions of Ace of Spades but they themselves did not develop Ace of Spades 0.1-0.76.

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We can’t even begin to think about moving beyond voxlap 0.75 until OpenSpades is able to take 95% of our current community with us.

One of our biggest appeals is that 0.75 runs on anyone’s machine, including a lot of people in a lot of other countries with older hardware.

Currently OS is too resource-intensive. A true voxel engine (not openGL) needs to be integrated in OS so that our current community can make the switch over and 0.75 can finally die. Only then can we move on (which I really hope happens one day).

Yes, sorry, I meant the Build and Shoot launcher and by this I mean the original game.

I have to say I find it quite strange that people can’t run it at the lowest settings at 800x600. (I run it at 1000fps) Do you know what is usually the problem? Is it the OpenGL 2.0 requirement? The 512 MB RAM minimum?, The 1GHz dual core CPU? (2Ghz if OpenGL 2.0 isn’t supported)

What are the computer specs of people?

it’s probably the fact that 90% of the community has shit PCs

I don’t know what all people have, but many have complained they can’t get it to work on their machine.

Maybe it’s the OpenGL requirement, I don’t know. Right now 0.75 is an insanely easy install (if anything that fucked up BnS launcher add on makes it more complicated). 0.75 has no requirements other than having 32 bit Windows. It uses the processor only.

They should try the software renderer. Maybe that will fix the problem.


People still complain the software renderer requires too much.

It’s not true voxels. Voxel engines run fast and don’t require any type of external or internal graphics card. It runs off the processor and runs quick. This is why they were used by Westwood in a generation of command and conquer games (why I haven’t thought of doing a C&C Tiberian Sun map with ripped voxels from that game until now I have no idea).

Ken Silverman has all the code in C++ on his website. It just needs implemented into OS and maybe it stands a shot of overtaking 0.75.

Interesting, but wouldn’t this kill some features of OS like flashlights and take a lot of time to implement?

According to you, what percentage of players use AoS 0.75/0.76 because they can’t use OS?
Also, do you think that by the time this new engine would be implemented, most of the people who can’t run it now will have gotten a new computer?
Because I doubt that OS will move away from OpenGL.

Woah, woah, slow down there, Eager McBeaver. You can still play Voxlap AoS even IF you have OpenSpades. It’s up to you if you don’t want to play the classic anymore, but in my opinion palying on both versions is kinda fun.

Anyway, about the OS only servers, I think the developers are only planning on making OS only servers. If they push through with the idea, don’t expect them to finish it in a short time. Coding is hard work. One error and everything gets messed up. Same goes for every other feature you added in there.

64 players would be too much to ask for, really. First off, the current servers would have a hard time having 64 players battle it out on a single map. If the servers ever upgrade, it would cost them even more money to host.

Oh yeah, OpenSpades was meant to be a better version of AoS in terms of graphics. They built it to be as close as the original. Any other additional feature you put in makes it less related to the game. Keep that in mind. Hope I answered your questions.

Yes, the current servers are slow, but they’re using python, which is not a very fast language. From what I understsand, the ngspades server is being coded in C/C++ which is much faster and requires less resources. There is also talks about a larger player count : Next-gen Protocol (ngspades) · Issue #222 · yvt/openspades · GitHub

For the “planning on making OS only server”, yes it will take some time, but they’re actually working on it. According to yvt, the protocol for the client server communication is almost done. Sure, the client and server aren’t finished but I don’t think a release is in the inconceivably far future. Sure it probably won’t be released this year, but I never said it would.

That thread is kinda stupid. I stopped reading at “needs rewrite in C/C++”.

Running server software in python on a server isn’t the problem. That’s not where the bottleneck is.

Also we don’t need a new server software implementation, we have pyspades. It’s opensource and can be modified as needed to adapt to a new version beyond 0.75.

I have no idea what the statistics are for people who can’t play OS. My PC can handle it just fine but I don’t play it because it doesn’t feel the same.

When OS clones 0.75 accurately and is runnable on everyone’s system, then it can move beyond it. It’s way too premature to start talking about 0.1.0 as the OS community is damn small (even considering how small our community already is).

Where’s the bottleneck?

Also, I never said that it needs to be written in C++, I said it already IS being coded in C++


Such a waste. Every single script that’s ever been written for pyspades now would need to be rewritten for ngspades.

100% of the focus should be on getting OS to match and replace 0.75.

First of all, I’d really like to know what’s the bottleneck and why you think C++ wouldn’t fix it.

For most of the scripts, it would be like 10-45 minutes to translate in C/C++ per script depending on the script. Not a big deal.
Sure a few scripts like platform.py would take longer, but it’s not the end of the world.
Plus, if you’re feeling lazy, there are programs like Cython that converts python to C (http://cython.org/)

I have a 4GB RAM, intel i5 2.6Ghz to 2.9 in turbo, that cant run OS, it plays at 2fps.

How much coding have you actually done?

What makes you think some code converter is gonna match the specific protocol from pyspades into the protocol of ngspades? This is a lot more complicated than turning for(int i=0; i<n; i++) into for i in range(n).

Are you gonna spend 45 minutes translating every script that’s been put out for the last 2+ years?

If the entire community is going to make a switch it’s gonna have to be smooth. You can’t just throw out pyspades and expect everyone to learn something new and spend their time and effort redoing all their scripting.

I’ve already said where the bottleneck is: OpenSpades. People can’t run it on their old machines. Believe me, Aloha’s servers aren’t being bottlenecked by a lack of hardware resources from the server we’re renting from. If you run pyspades you can see just how much memory it takes. It isn’t much. Network resources will bottleneck server software long before hardware ones do.

EDIT: Sorry, I don’t mean to come off as aggressive. It’s just slightly aggravating to have someone brand new come in and say “hey, you need to dump your server and do this new one that doesn’t even work yet”.

Welcome to Aloha, and feel free to join our IRC on quakenet at #aloha. I think you’ll find us more receptive than BnS (and sorry about learn_more in #openspades, I called him out on being an ass but it was after you’d left the channel).

What graphics card do you use? What are the settings you’re using?

I actually have done a bit of coding in C since I’ve studied Electrical Engineering.

Sure, the code converter will not work 100% but it should give you the structure, just replace the pySpades API calls for the ngspades ones.

I didn’t say I’d spend 45 minutes to translate ALL the scripts, I said 45 minutes PER script.

Also, are you really using ALL the scripts that have been made over the last 2 years?

I’m not suggesting that the switch will be made overnight, it will probably take a few years for the full transition.

I’m not sure I’d call OpenSpades a bottleneck. I’d be more inclined to call the hardware owned by the community the bottle neck.
Also, if pySpades or the servers are running A-1 without any issue, then why is there packet loss/player warping? Is it the CPU not processing the scripts fast enough or the network connection? The protocol itself perhaps? :slight_smile:

Lol OS/hardware by the community is certainly the bottleneck, however you want to see it.

Packet loss is a network transmission thing or the client having to drop packets due to hardware limitations (99% of it I’m sure is delivery by the network; packet delivery out of sync or lost packets). It’s definitely not the server running on our end.

Also I’m a fellow electrical engineering major (minoring in computer science) :D. There’s at least one other staff member here who’s EE, and a few more who are CS.

Nice to hear :slight_smile: