When does the new list of top 10 maps list come out?

When does the new top 10 list for the top 10 maps server come out? Or are they just staying because people still like it? I know that lots of people hate some maps that are on that list.

I don’t think there is a new list coming out but I know I am definately tired of almost every map on it.

this will run for a week or two before results will be final, tell your friends to vote

you do realize that’s been running for 5 months right?

I blame Izzy.
Always blame Izzy XD
But seriously, JK

well concidering i reset the perameters to “0” you may want to vote. im just using his poll so as not to start another thread. Dont Blame Izzy hes busy- hence Busy Izzy. the maps will be changed accordingly.