When are there going to be a wave of new admins?

Just wondering because the hacker problem is getting larger since at certain times the current admins are busy/asleep and we need new admins to be around when they aren’t.

^Agreed. Aloha has added more servers, but not that many admins. They can’t patrol every single server…

This is all just a ploy for Frosty’s admin app to be accepted.

Good point, though I still agree


Desperate much?

I applaud thee.


Our problem not the number of admins, it’s rather what servers they go on and availability.

The problem is, no one wants to admin the less popular servers.

Thats cause no one is ever on them.

You wouldn’t have to admin it if there was nobody to admin.

Whenever I’m online, I can literally count the number of players on TOW with one hand.

Okay, that’s an exaggeration…it’s more like zero hands.

Whenever I get on TOW is 32/32

I think the solution is to encourage guards and admins to be available in the IRC channel. There could also be a modification made to the server message encouraging players to report cheating in the IRC channel. Then there will be no such problem. Rather than trying to find people who will moderate the less popular servers, admins and guards will be available around the clock (if there were more, of course) to ban or obtain evidence of cheating on ANY server.

tbh A White Guy, I couldn’t care about my admin app. I just hate how I get onto a server, it’s filled with hackers and the admins aren’t around to stop people who are spoiling our fun.

That was just a plot to get you accepted :smiley:

Go on the IRC, everytime I do see quite a few guards/admins loitering around.

@Frosty: Go to the IRC sometime.

I am always in the IRC, you have seen me in there I think :slight_smile:

tbh adding new admins constantly and frequently does not always solve the problem as many of you may think. if we just constantly accepted people to be guards we would get several issues such as little kids going “DURR HURR HURR. I’M ADMIN NAOW I CHEAT”. there’s a small amount of people in this community who don’t fit in this demographic and that’s basically what we’re spending time to look for. hacking is definitely a problem but there’s not a whole lot of “easy” solutions to fix it. adding people definitely help out a bit more but there’s always gonna be times when no one can get on and when everyone is sleeping or something.

also to those waiting on admin applications, creating threads like “HACKERS EVERYWHERE”, or “NOT ENOUGH ADMINS!!!eleven!!” really just shows to us how impatient you are. if you want better chances on getting an application accepted, hang around the IRC and inform us 'bout hackers, griefers, etc.

Out all the countless ones put forward though, you’d think that some people (moreover people who have shown themselves to be trustworthy via Ace Of Spades forums) would be eligible.