What's the origin of your online nickname?

mine is kind of based on my real name but it’s more so a nickname that some people called me by during middle and high school

and yours?

Both my forum name (shywolf91) and current AoS and MC IGN (MrSnowyOwl) are the result of two of my favorite animals (wolves and owls) my birth year and a random name generator.

My forum name is Anonymous because I was thinking of a name at the time and I couldn’t really decide, and I just wanted to remain anonymous, so I chose Anonymous.

Lone_Wolf is based on my arena play style where I don’t give two shits about my teammates.

Urban Dictionary defines ‘Chappy’ as ‘something that is disliked’.
My first IGN was “Chappy_OC”, and OC stood for ‘Of Course’, i.e. Chappy_OC ~ “Of course, it’s that guy we hate.”
Chappy_OC became Chappy,
Chappy became GamerChappy,
and now I either use GmRChpE or chpE.

My first IGN was Imma Rayos U , my brother decided it, Rayos is my sir name, my 2nd IGN was Jolteon, 3rdg IGN, (maybe permanent) is Flerikko , made up name… Fle-rik-ko

;D ;D

Well, my first username is, of course, dosss.
It all started back in 2007, I think? It’s just basically the number 2 in spanish with 2 more s’s on it. I used it on my club penguin account

so u played with no aloha servers!? :o :o no aloha in 2007 :-\ :-\

AoS and aloha were created in 2011.

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I was sarcastic. I Just wanted dosss to think we aint stupid…


topo *

Switched around usernames back in 2011, stuck with Apocalypse in 2012, cause of the “doomsday prophecy” thing.

I wanted something that sounded cool when I was around 12 or 13 I think. I was playing an “Army Men” RTS game for the GameCube and by that I mean I was mostly watching my brother play, because I was horrible at it, but there was a “specialized” unit named Scorch and I thought that sounded cool, so I rhymed it with Torch. I had “OF” added to the end of my name before, but I thought the extra letters sounded cheesy so I changed it to just Torch, but then a few friends on arena (back in the day when there was actually a thriving arena community) started spreading a rumor that I was a girl as a joke, so I added the Mr. in front to “clarify”. I probably would’ve changed the nick Torch by now a few times, but I think it’s pretty descriptive of my personality lol. Fire is pure (honesty is very important to me), it’s burned out easily (I do get “burned” out on projects, ideas, etc… very easily in real life), it’s warm up close and cold far away (if you don’t really know me, you’ll most likely think I’m rude or uncaring, but once you’re a close friend I’m pretty chill and nice), I have a fuel which drives me which can’t change (for me it’s my religion Christianity (not always a good Christian lol) and my morals), and lastly torches are used for light which is what I hope to be to people. #Sappy

Yep, you summed it up there lol.

Original name was DoodleDude which I just randomly made up. But I was a noob and made another account just so I can get away from trouble with my ban, and to multiclan. Before I joined SPQR I was looking at the name and thought to myself, “hmm, these names are all simple.” Ei: Puppy, Willy, Topo, Tin. I was like, Idk why not Techno? And since then I use it on almost everything.

thought it was funny when i was 12/13

My username is a combo of how I pronounce my cat Monster’s name, and the fact that I love my cat to death. Monsta-rules

Acetheking [u]I got the word ‘Ace’ from my older brothers name, ‘Areasace’. I was then thinking of another part to add into ‘Ace’, as it was too meaning less, you know what I mean? Suddenly the word ‘king’ hit me, and I was young when I made this name and many people didn’t respect me and I wanted respect, so you could guess a kid would do such a thing to earn respect. So then, there, I added it, and it didn’t seem well so I made aliases. Example(s): |PhoeNiX|, |XtypE|.

It was during my Deuce days in 0.33, I was in cgen, hidden inside a horizontal hole, cgen could get wrecked in a way few of you could imagine, that hole was relatively old and was messed up (blocks scattered about in it) which made for the perfect hiding spot. So I spent the whole match there just shooting some guys trying to build a building in the corner of the map, they would often freak out but they could never figure out where the shots were coming from. I was lacking creativity back then and that role sounded like a good name, since it was commun I decided to alternate cases. I planned to keep it just untill I found a good name but I kept making friends and I was being remembered by this name so I kept it.
My ign in most games is my surname (just first letter higher case) but I like this one better for shooter games.
Ive been called SnIpEr for 4 years :slight_smile:

back in 2012 I was a player in AoS servers named “Xenon” (not the XenoN guy he was Platinum back then). I kinda got busy with school so I didn’t play for a long time. I got serious with the game in mid 2014, where there was already a XenoN and I respect that so I changed my name to something related with the music. Grunge music and Classical, are worlds apart but wth I like both. I still go Xenon or Xen on other games tho.

Jedelas - My first Warrior in WoW right after TBC, since I basically played shaman for the whole time in Vanilla. I decided to try something new.

Fox McCloud - Pretty simple: Favorite childhood N64 Game + Favorite Character in said game.

William Grey - Full name of that dog friend of Fox. Pretty chill guy.

Victorica - Shared name that kinda stuck around between me and my cousin after a joke about Gosick.