What Maps Do You Guys Just Hate?

piggybacking off of Atreyu’s discussion of babel maps, i just had literally the worst experience of my life today on TowerDive. god do i have a passionate hate for that map

what maps do you guys think suck?

I actually had the most fun I’ve had on Babel in a long time today on TowerDive. Just join the team with me and Reid and you’ll always have lots of fun on that map. :wink:

In terms of bad maps Icecraft is my least favorite with Bin Laden Compound probably being my second favorite. Icecraft is just boring and bland in terms of design and no one wants to build a tall tower from ground level to sky on a map with two excellent flank camping spots. Bin Laden Compound is just a large amount of building with nothing particularly interesting about the map itself.

lmao well your first huge mistake was staying in spawn. The first and only thing I do on tower dive is avoid spawn until the team builds defenses. The best thing you can do is get to the sides and defend your team from being grenade spammed. If you are going against even a mildly aggressive team on that map you’ll end up getting spawn raped if even one spawn wave is wiped out. If any one guy can click 3 times, massacre a team, and set it up so that team can’t recover for the rest of the map then it’s probably not a good design. I usually have a good time on that map regardless of players stacking teams spawn camping.

The only maps I really just hate are frog1.1, babelstairs, octopus, and turtlesoup. The main reason i have a absolute disdain for octopus and tutlesoup is because you’re being spawned in a giant bowl that’s so easily campable its infuriating. Oh and you’re suppose to build in it too. I just think babelstairs plays bad (personal preference). Every experience I’ve ever had with frog1.1 involved some jackwagon griefing the trees around our spawn and turning all 3 shooting lanes nearly unrushable. Once you’ve played a 4 hour round on frog1.1 you’ll understand why I hate it so.

The rest of them I’ve grown to enjoy as I’ve found a workable strategy for each. Live long and camp prosper.

as much as i agree with you, towerdive is so incredibly small that if the game manages to progress to a point where you’re getting nadespammed it’s literally impossible to get out of your spawn. the minute you hit the water there’s usually people who can snipe you through the bridge on the side before you can gain enough breathing distance. if the map was a tiny bit larger i think it wouldn’t suck as much

Oh yeah im not disagreeing with you. Only reason I do well on that map is because I disappear in a shadow and hit people from the side. Its not a wonderful map if you don’t have a over powered player on your team making up for the spawn camping and what over powered player wants to helplessly spawn on a grenade over and over. Its a beautifully made but deeply flawed map. I do, however, like the idea the map is trying to simulate.

I’m not talking about Babel, but facingworldarena is really bored in top10 maps

Assault from CS maps, babelstairs from babel and facingworldarena from top 10.

Definitely not true. Me and Reid were rekking red team and almost all of them rage quit. We both decided to join red (still twice as many people on blue even after we switched) and on the first life when I switched I managed to kill 4 people before I got shot by someone. After that death I was able to freely leave spawn whenever I wanted without issue besides the occasions where someone would shoot me from the babel which happens on all babel maps. Point is, get good and stop complaining. It’s not “impossible” to get out of your spawn.

this map is super fun in unreal tournament though. ace of spades is just too slow paced for this type of map even in a faster paced gamemode like arena

Yeah, and that’s why I don’t really like it.
It’s too slow.

What’s the matter torch? Can’t play against Reid? Getting your butt feelings hurt over an opinion thread lol.

What? I was on Reid’s team? We race each other to 100 kills on the map.

If the map is so good what’s wrong with helping out a team before they get so frustrated half of them leave and you run out of players to kill? Youre proving the point that just 2 players can make towerdive unplayable for the other team filled with average players if those two simply just play the game like they normally would. Don’t call us bad players for voicing our thoughts on an opinion thread about babel maps we dont like if you cant even go against your friend Reid to balance out a map that is unplayable for the other team. Its not hard to switch teams and kill 4 guys if you already know where they are and you’re not spawn camping yourself. If you’re so “good” you would have helped out the team being massacred before you ran out of players to kill in your 100 race. I happen to enjoy playing on towerdive. Pointing out the flawed nature of the map and explaining my strategies is not complaining.

hallway arena

You are being dumb. Did you not read what I even posted or is English not your first language? I DID change teams WITH Reid in ORDER to balance the teams after we realized so many people rage quit. It wasn’t a “I could not play against Reid” thing. It was a “I know Reid is good and knows English and won’t mind joining Red with me in order to try to balance the game out.” I didn’t know where those “4 guys” were. I just joined and spun around and jumped a lot killing whoever I saw. And yes, if you think it’s IMPOSSIBLE to leave spawn on towerdive then you are just bad at the game. Sorry. Every map shouldn’t have to tailor to bad players. You already have wave spawning. You don’t need more than that to give you a chance. A variety in maps is good to give all players maps they like. I know there are maps you successfully camp on that I just hate. They shouldn’t remove those maps just because people that are good at rushing like me don’t like them as much, because they require more walking or whatever. And they shouldn’t remove maps like towerdive just because people that are only good at camping and have slow reflexes can’t figure out how to leave spawn.

makes me cri everytime :’( :’(

Well you’re having problems with the English language as well because I haven’t recommended the map be removed. I’ll say it again. I enjoy playing on it and have created a strategy that works for me. It is impossible for MOST OTHER PLAYERS to get out of spawn before the grenade rain gets them. Lol we’re going around in circles. I don’t appreciate being called a bad player because I’m pointing out a map(well I guess player) flaw. I’ve seen most every towerdive match IV’E played turn in to a spawn massacre thing which does get annoying on the receiving end. Its not hard to jump in the water and get out but most players dont seem to understand that which frustrates me to no end. And so ill camp the sides and defend spawn as best I can to make the map more functional for my team which usually works. Im not frustrated at you torch I’m frustrated at the never ending team stacking and towerdive brings out the worst of it. I miss the days when we had plenty of really good players to go around. It seems now days all decent players would rather sit in a team together than face a challenge. But i guess that’s just the nature of the beast.

But you are mistaken. I never said that you were recommending the map to be removed. The whole comment wasn’t directed at you. I swapped between talking to you and CraftDinur. Also, two decent players being on the same team is hardly a stack. There were tons of good players on the other team.

Torch likes to play balanced. No need to acuse him for something you fear. :’( :’(


Also, on topic. I have found a new hate for greenravine. 2 hour map so far (I just left and it hasn’t ended yet still) where neither team could figure out how to build a decent tower. There are a million places to SMG spam from. From down in the ravine to one of the hilly flanks. The map needs a large hill to make the tower not have to be so big.

Arena is ugh, and the deathmatch version is full of spawncamp.