What is your car?

So, what is your car? Use the template like mine. Also, post some pictures of your car if you can! (and yes that is actually my car)

Make: Jeep Cherokee Sport
Model: 4 door, 4x4
Transmission: Manual 5 speed
Year: 1998


I got the car for the plow/4x4 capabilities. Also, the engine is a famous 6 cylinder one. It’s what they call a bulletproof engine. Don’t let the 17 year old car fool you. It’s in great shape, and it happens to be extremely reliable.

I’m a broke college student so I do not have a car but this is what I drive sometimes (not my actually car but similar)

Make: Honda
Model: Accord
Year: 2001

I also get rides in:

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bumps Oh yes I did.

So I recently rotated the tyres on the car

They look tired. You should give them a rest.

Well, as long as the car is not two-tired, it should be fine


Pontiac Grand AM 2004
Crater on the bumper from a Raccoon, wrench to use the dashboard dials that fell off. One windshield wiper works (lucky it’s the driver’s side), passenger’s window doesn’t respond.

Great car. So thankful that my sister handed it down to me. (’:
-no picture cuz too lazy :’( -

Haven’t got a car yet but I’ll be going for my L plates within 6 months. :3

Still working on my permit guys, lol

I moved to college when I only had my temporary license. That was nerve racking lol. Moving from two-lane back-roads to traffic with 5-lanes with shoulder and HOV lanes and a GPS that is so slow it would be faster to just pull out a map.

Make: Sparta Marathon 3.0
Model: 1 seat
Transmission: Manual 3
Year: 2012

Have ALL of my internet points you fucking hilarious monkey.


  • joke pls no h8 -
    Make: Mario’s Kart
    Model: doors r 4 pussies, MK7 model
    Transmission: I dunno
    Year: 2013