What is/was your favourite childhood toy?

Please include photos if possible. :3

The memories. RIP in peace childhood.


oh lol. This was mine…the Gameboy SP


my wodden sword was better than yours Juxta.

I remember i had the raccoon from Pocahontas :3

Definitly the best with Pokemon Emerland.

I’m still enjoying it although it is only left for a few more years ;(

Die-cast metal model of an SR-71

These were good too…Army Men. I had my own soldiers to command!

it’s a tie… army men and cars. i had way too much fun with both.



Legos for sure!

In all seriousness it was this:

Dat feeling of rummaging through all those bastards to find the right ones. Will never be beaten.


But then when you find it and put it on to what you’re making, that feeling is great. rofl

The thing I remember about LEGOs the most was how painful it was to walk over it, and how it stuck to your feet so every step you took after that hurt like hell. xD

I build a 2 meter long lego ship,lol
And cars:3,I loved to throw them at walls to destroy them xd

Ever stepped on a 3 pin plug?! That hurts so freaking bad. However, the risk of stepping on these sods was totally worth it.

The problem with me was when I mess up and try to take 2 same piece stacked on top of each other apart, my fingernails would get fucked over -.-

lol I remember making miniature guns somehow with them