What do you think makes aloha different from other communities?

I think it’s the friendly users, staff, and players of the games that make it a laid back, fun environment for everyone. Anyone can fit in, too. What do you guys think?

The fact that the admins actually give a shit, and the BAWS community.

I’m not sure about the “community”, but at least people on aloha babel friggin’ speak English.

Lagit, Minit… either nobody talks or nobody speaks English. It’s impossible to accomplish anything there verbally.


  1. Tightest gaming community I’ve ever been in. I pretty much know all the admins around here, it’s like we’re actually one big clan.
  2. All sorts of servers: you in the mood for zombies, TC, football, parkouring, hallway, arena…well, anything you can name, we’ve probably got it.
  3. The lag here’s not the lowest, but it’s one of the most consistent (GoonHaven rubberband, all day erry day)
  4. We IRC. Alot.

Well for starters there is Izzy, the glue that keeps us together.

I was brought to Aloha by Bucket, when he banned me for glitching out of spawn.
Since then it has been one HUGE FUN joy ride, amazingly making it to the top ten posters in just a few short months.
Also, I find it EPIC since pleas are HEARD, unlike other games I have played, FunOrb, Pirates of the Caribbean Online, RuneScape, Roblox, TheGodFather, games like those your input is NEVER heard.
Here, we can report cheaters, talk with friends, slap eachother, and generally have an AMAZING time here.

If there was a Like button, it would be clicked right about nao.

the aloha spirit! ;D

really though, each of us contributing our individual efforts while keeping in mind what’s best for the whole is pretty much it.