What do you do in your spare time?

I usually


I usually play AoS and go to this site.

Drink bourbon.

Spend time with the wife and baby. Play AoS. Tweek my Home Theater setup.

Masterbate, or record

I usually play AoS, Minecraft, or a little bit of Halo

i like to go hiking, watch movies, swim oh no EVERY DAY I’M SHUFFLING

I do sprite work, I learn python coding, I play Minecraft, I like to catch people hacking and griefing in Minecraft and AoS, I like truTV and BTW…I love the Aflack thing.

Stay at home and play ace of spades, if not i play N.

I have to do shitloads of hw,play AoS around 3times a week,baseball training and checking forums from ipod.

Play AoS, Dota, TF2, etc…

I tend to browse reddit a lot. Play games and try to catch up on the forums and irc. I used to be big on watching a lot of youtube videos but because of the new youtube layout I very rarely do.