Welcome to the new aloha.pk forum!

After nearly 11 years of discussions and fun on our original aloha.pk forum (Simple Machines Forum), we have officially moved in to our “new and improved” home at aloha.pk that you are seeing right now! :house_with_garden: :partying_face:

This new “forum”, based on Discourse, has been a work in progress for quite a while, and we couldn’t be happier with how it has turned out! The modern interface is not only cleaner and easier to navigate, but the overall potential of the software opens up so many opportunities with what we can accomplish in the aloha.pk community. The future looks bright!

Here are a few new features to check out:

  • :arrow_up: Explore the red top menu bar for useful links, downloads, pages, and categories!

  • :arrow_left: Explore the left sidebar for deeper navigation.

  • It is now WAY easier to share media here on the forum. You can drag and drop, copy/paste, or hit the upload button to add any type of media into your post or reply!

  • Almost any post or reply made here on our forum will trigger an alert in one of our Discord channels!

  • Click the chat icon :speech_balloon: in the upper right corner and join channels to chat instantly here on the forum! These are separate from and not synced with Discord.

  • Check out the Latest page (upper right) to quickly see all new posts here on the forum!

  • There is even a phone app, for those who prefer to share and read on the move!

The entire aloha.pk staff is excited to launch the community into the future, and we couldn’t be more thankful for all of our members. We hope you enjoy these new changes! :heart: :blue_heart: :white_heart:



fare thee well, Simple Machines Forum. you served us well all those years. <3

why hello there, Discourse! :star_struck:

shout outs to @topo @FerrariFlunker @Danke @MuffinTastic @Darion for helping to make this happen.

thanks to these fine staff for helping us test and provide crucial feedback: @crazymonky @DarkNeutrino @DemonDestroyer @Detank2002 @Hawkan @notgaNjah @Mile @Nathan @Newage @Noah @Rakete @shywolf91 @VierEck @Zim350


Glad to help to u guys o/

I think this is also the beggining of a new era for aloha,

Mahalo to all players that still playing in aloha.pk !!


Time to flood the new forum with shitposts >:)

This looks cool, rip my shitty browser tho

Will miss smf but the new forum looks good. Here’s to another decade of aloha.pk

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Spongebob GIF


Looking real fresh! Thx to everyone involved in this :handshake:


cringe update bro ugly website as hell :-1::-1::-1: old forum was better because uhhhhhh it was old and uhhhh

b b b… but sov, bots have feelings too :sob:

sahut up soccer you literally confused car oil with coffee for breakfast you spligonnard

Hey, how do i add a thumbnail to my post?

i see all posts on #media:images have thumbnails for all pictures but the memes i just sent on #media:memes doesn’t have one. Am i missing something? Are thumbnails only enabled on #media:images?

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yay~ ^w^
i love seeing new and exciting stuff!!!
uuwuwuuuwuuwuuwuwuuuwuwuwuuwuwuwuuuwuwuwu <3

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Try copy and pasting, dragging and dropping, or using the upload button for your images @Oxlot. It looks like you’re using Discord links for all of your pictures.

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there was an issue earlier that prevented external URL images from being shown on Discord. it has since been fixed so that using an external URL image here in a post should now be shown on Discord.