Happy 11th birthday aloha.pk!

aloha.pk turns 11 years old today! Time flies when you’re having fun! :smile:

aloha.pk was registered 11 years ago today on February 14, 2011 on the principle of creating a lax but serious gaming environment with roots of sincerity, respect, fairness, positive reinforcement, giving credit where due, etc. You know, the good ol’ raw human stuff like how we’d treat friends & family in person. Essentially “aloha” by definition!

Even after so many years, the community continues to make leaps and bounds to create an even better environment to reinforce our principles. For example, just this year:

But our biggest accomplishment is having fun and existing for more than 11 years, now! It wouldn’t be possible without our amazing staff and incredible community members. Thank you to everyone who has enjoyed aloha.pk throughout the years! Here’s to the next 11! :partying_face:


Happy bday aloha

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Congratulations aloha! :partying_face::tada:

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nice to hear you are well! you do a great job, guys! my congratulations!


Woah, Happy Birthday, aloha! Best AoS Servers ever!


Aloha made teenage years fun for a ton of ppl, congratulations and thank you- it’s been an honor

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11 years… hard to believe.

thanks to all who have been a part of our journey thus far. plenty of people have come and gone (and returned :smiley:) over the years, and new “faces” still pop up every day! @utilon1 @MasterMen @Pawn, glad to see your returns. :partying_face:

i believe that this year, 2022, and more specifically the v2 launch of our website, marks the beginning of the new era into our second decade. still relatively early, i think. :smiling_face: alllll aboard, everyone! :ship:


izzy remembers me…? owo?

sorry for late response, i open forums like once per 3 months, oops


yes of course :slight_smile:

happy to see your presence! how have you been?