Weird week that ends in heartbreak

So my vacation has been weird. I witnessed someone die, tornadic storms, horrible rip currents, cold in FL, and my girlfriend broke up with me. What a week of reality. HOWEVER. I visited the Daytona Speedway, Universal, and was there for my cousin and great grandfathers birthdays! and I caught a bonnethead shark.

How did you see someone die? I saw some strangers die when I was about 6, so it was pretty… interesting.

Surfer suffered from like a heart attack, or some other medical episode, went into shock…and went under. They took him out pretty much dead. And he died that night about an hour later in hands of the medics.

Is it gone or would you like to have something repeated? :o

dayum you witnessed someone die? :confused:

Oh the bump. Yes I did.

Oops bump