We want the server to be brought online

Hello, many of the dedicated players of this server want some big changes to come about. The most important being that we want it to be brought online. No “cracked” server. Some of the reasons why are as follows:

  1. At the moment we can’t have skins. We are all that lame default skin and there is no individuality.
  2. We hate typing in those passwords.
  3. Legitimacy. Right now we scare away a lot of players who could be very valuable to the community. When I first joined a couple months ago, I nearly left right away because I saw the server was offline.

I did stay of course, and I am now one of the most active players on the server, discounting my recent job. And I love this server. I spend a lot of my free time on it. So I want it to improve. I want more players to come on. But we can’t have more players right now because the server can’t handle it. We lag to death when new chunks are explored or when more than 10 players join.

That’s why I am recommending donation incentives. Encourage donation by giving out benefits to premium members. But remember to make sure that those benefits don’t interfere with the vanilla or fairness of the server. Give out things like unlimited or extra /sethomes for people who donate monthly. Also, allow people to receive ingame currency for donating.

And please post a pie chart that displays the monthly donation goal progress.

Once our server infrastructure is brought up to par, advertise our server on reddit. Froe has already done this and attracted 3 very active players. Me, Shoosh, and Minechelle.

As for some staff members/active players who don’t own the game, Shoosh has already bought them accounts. If they won’t accept the accounts, then give them a couple of weeks to get $27 to buy Minecraft.

Please tell me what you guys think. Come up with ideas about donations and advertising. And say whether or not you support bringing the server online and why.

I brought this point up earlier when I was discussing this same thing eith ferrari a while back. Ues, we may have people who play using cracked accounts, but you are alienating them the moment we do what you propose. It is not the purpose of aloha in any way shape or form and I have not seen a single person say they were “scaried away” by the settings we have. Please remmember this server was originally meant for staff to relax with their friends, it was not open to public appication.This is the first time I am being informed of lag, which will be looked into, noone else has complained about lag on the server especially after we moved to a new host. I’ve offered to pitch in with whatever I could scrap up to fro already and he has declined respectfully. I really don’t see the point in this especcialy since it will do the complete opposite of what your proposing to do.

What I just said are my personal opinions ans are not offical.

I will discuss this with Fro when he gets on and give you an offical answer.

As for the lag please run /gc and mail me the tps when it is lagging for you, it will help narrow down the issue.

Mich has been a long time player of the server way before we decided to go public.

Monsta has complained, I have complained, read the chat logs; it is a problem. Growing the server would be wonderful, but it’s not realistic when 15 people bring it to it’s knees. A server with good stats should be able to host 200 people. Maybe the host isn’t up to the job, I dunno.

I find it surprising that you willingly support people who steal software. I can slack for people who can’t play legally immediately, but long term investment in software theft is not cool. People here that play by the rules suffer to entertain scofflaws.

And regardless of intent we were invited here. Are you saying we’re not welcome? We’re lesser members of the server? Our opinions aren’t valid?

We’d be glad to work with you to solve the problem in any way we can, like buying MC accounts for people. Just let us know.

I like these idea’s, the password is very annoying when you login, and I really do dislike not being able to see other players skin’s and my own skin. As with problem with lag, we had tons of lag when urr and lostmotel joined the server and were exploring new chunks, it was unbearable as in we couldn’t type without delay. As for the people who don’t have a legit minecraft account, its a one time payment of $27, if you can pay $50 for black ops, I’m pretty sure you can get $27 one time.

When lots of people are really far apart/different worlds it does start to get really laggy. Me, AsianGuy, and I think Two all were riding minecart rails in the nether to some place – Macchu Picchu I think? – and there were times where the game would just freeze (not my client) and then it would unfreeze and I would teleport a couple chunks forward or something. At those times it was unbearable, but when I’m just hanging out at spawn or near spawn it’s completely fine.

Also, I agree that promoting piracy doesn’t exactly make any sense for Aloha since it’s hacking… and hacking is against Aloha rules… but I’m not heartless and I know what it’s like to not have the money to pay for a game, but I also know there are many people that can afford to pay for things legitimately and don’t.

Thanks I’m looking into it atm, can you tell me if the problem occurred in the prior update? I was told it primarily happens when there’s chunk generation.

What update are you talking about? And if you get on the track to macchu picchu while there are other people online you’ll probably see what I’m talking about. I’m sure generating new chunks probably causes a lot of lag, but just loading a lot of chunks quickly in general will do it too and that’s what happens when you’re in the minecart.

This isn’t an update problem I’d bet, especially under Craftbukkit. The server just can’t hang. With 5gb of ram 100 people should be comfortable. Our world is awfully big and full of machines but still…

Donations for an upgrade? And a stack of MC codes?

Exploring new chunks cause lag to a point where I don’t even go exploring anymore because there are people constantly on the server, and I don’t want them to keep getting block rollbacks.

Most likely cause is Dynmap I’m thinking about changing a setting to make it process it over time and that should reduce the chunk lag. the specific setting I looked at was time slice interval. It may not just be chunk loading It dropped to 17 tps when I was in a loaded chunk. It caused chewy to fall(glitch) through the floor in the end. (ty for ferrari for the idea of abusing jail to save him xD)

I’m not against it if we can ensure that people who are currently on the server and are not playing with an online account can play with one…

So I will say: get everyone who has logged onto the server since we switched hosts a legit account, then we can go online mode.

As far as I know the only person who needs one is AsianGuy at the moment…but I could easily be missing someone.

I’m going to weigh in on this as well, and I also want to point out some other things

The server needs to be online DEFINITELY
Look, honestly, minecraft is what, 27 bucks? Ask for it for your birthday/Christmas present. Or just save up money from allowance or whatever. It’s honestly a handicap, and I think that the lag can be linked to it being a cracked server as well. Bringing it online also opens up our own skins/capes or whatever we have, but most of the bugs are also linked into the cracked server, as AZPM can be linked due to the server load issues. Last I checked, everyone has had to murder every mob in the nether, about 10< times because of the bugs. They exist on the uncracked server, but it is not this severe! And I know that the server needs money to run, but Aloha does get a LOT of donations. If the server is donation depending for upgrades to a non cracked server, and other shit, I’m sure I wont be the only one whipping out my ATM card to donate 10 bucks.

We need to update to 1.9 as soon as it comes out
This wasn’t like the update from 1.6-1.7 or from 1.7-1.8, there have been little (in fact, except new editions, absolutely no coding changes) to no coding changes. If they are that severe, I/BR/Anyone else who can code Java can easily remake the commands for /home, /money and /spawn and whatever else you need. But when 1.9 comes out, there are a lot of gear changes as well as GUI changes that will benefit all of the users on the server. Oh yeah. And bug fixes. The ones that help with the AZPM issues.

I’m all for upgrading to 1.9, but there’s no harm in waiting a week or two afterwards for a more stable 1.9.1 to come out.

We literally cannot update to 1.9 when it is available. We rely on 3rd party software named bukkit to run the server - and with this we run plugins. Plugins that let you /home, use dynmap, let you play at ease knowing your admins have the tools at their disposal to take care of any problems with griefing/hacking/etc.

So, no. We cannot upgrade to 1.9 when it comes out. We will update when possible but it will not be right away. It will be when it is ready. Please. Please do not say otherwise.

We will update to 1.9 when the time comes but it will not be right away. Do not listen to what Monsta has said. He does not see that we cannot simply add the commands back in ourselves or any of that. That is simply not possible, it would take much longer to do that than if we waited for a updated 1.9 bukkit version.

I’m okay with going online. I think most people have legit accounts, and it seems shoosh is willing to buy a few accounts for the needy.

Froe, what is the monthly cost to get the best server our host offers?

As far as updating goes, I’m not in a huge rush to get to 1.9. It does look cool, but it will be just as good when bukkit rolls out their version.

Guys please don’t assume you know what goes on in the backend thanks.

I would usually be against this but, by the time I fix my pc I’ll have enough money to buy mc, I’ve also been interested in it for awhile but the motivation wasnt enough (just skins). Everyone seems to have found solution for the rest of the problems and putting server online seems to have alot of advantages. So ya, I’m ok with server going online.
(I wonder what izzy thinks about this though).


I don’t think the benefit (however minimal) of going online is disputable, and since it seems like we’ve found a solution to the cracked client crisis, I guess we’re good to go!

The idea of donation incentives was thrown around. As of right now, I’d personally be opposed to in-game incentives that give one player any advantage over another, such as what was proposed in the earlier post.

going “online” so that the legit/paid version of the game is required to play on the server is more than fine with me. i’ve always been a bit uncomfortable supporting “cracked” versions anyway…

definitely a big no for in-game advantages to donors. purely visual perks, such as a colored name or possibly some kind of unique donator skin or the like, sure, maybe, but nothing material that has ANY kind of function.

The proposed incentives were things along the lines of unlimited/extra /homes, free teleports, and the like. While these are not technically material things, they do give one player an advantage over another.