We need to get Build and Shoot/Openspades back on the map

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So beside YouTube, is that our only idea at this point? If so, that may not be enough. Heck, I know it will not be enough.

Streaming on twitch is a good idea.

True, but you have to plan it out, along with notify people about the twitch stream at the beginning or before the actual stream.

Yeah, that’s the stuff most people do.They post stream announcements on YouTube or facebook or some website thats actually decent and popular.

Does OS has a Reddit?

The last post on it was almost a year ago. So does anyone think we should make a new one or just “revamp” the old one?

people said same stuff before on bns when saying “AOS IS SO DEAD” despite it still having enough numbers

We should have an OS/BNS competitive (not really) tournament on an Aloha.pk server to gain a little attention. I say we post some videos promoting it, as well as people actually getting players to film their own perspective and posting it on YouTube or other sites. That would be really cool. We can get enough teams to have a proper bracket (4,8,16, etc.) of a certain number of people and just keep going until we have a team that wins it all. Sort of like the World Cup. But, I do not know what game mode we should play, the amount of players per team, or the actual game mode. To create teams, I just think we have a team leader invite players or something like that. Last thing, I think it should be in the summer season (Northern Hemisphere) and it should be more than one day, so that way it isn’t rushed. So, what do you guys think? If you guys think it’s at least a good idea, then just tell me and we could possibly start a sub-thread for it. Of course, this would need some cooperation, and some extensive planning. But I could only imagine how fun it would be and how many people this could attract with the proper advertisement.


That’s honestly an awesome idea. I think the game should be on walls because it is probably the most iconic map of OS/BnS but that my be hard to put all of the teams together and the game would take too long without many players. So, the game should probably be a Counterstrike series or a TDM series to or a game of intel but on a smaller map.

Exactly, we get a team of around 7 players (or more) and play a game of intel. Just one match, make or break. I would love to help set it up and plan it with others, but we need to get popular opinion on this, so it may take a bit, if it ever gets put into action.

So what do you all think about a tournament? We should begin to plan this if we oh so badly want it to happen.

I think it sounds like a good idea.

buildandshoot.com got redesigned. That’s a good sign. And yes, that tournament idea is pretty good.

It would be best to do it on some holiday, when the most people are out of work or school.

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What holiday should we opt for? Of course this tournament would be nothing huge, and we would need to find a proper map, server, and gamemode to play. If you wish, I could make a new thread concerning this idea of a possible tournament. This way, people can put in their own opinions and ideas to it.