We need to get Build and Shoot/Openspades back on the map

I’ve noticed playing openspades that the servers are basically empty. There used to be at least 3-6 full servers and now you would be lucky to get a single server full. You would think that this game would have tons of people since it is free and it literally takes a toaster to run. Can you imagine how much fun it would be to see this game up and running? With the game having more people there would be a ton more maps, servers, mods, gamemodes, and it would be a lot more fun. Yes there would be more hackers and stuff like that, but there would be a lot more people to make servers with things and resources to block and kick them. Plus, what do you expect from an open-source free game? I think that this game has so much potential and we can’t let it die like this and we need to find more ways to give it a jump start and get it back on the map. :slight_smile:

It would probably happen if openspades broke off from AoS and developed it own game but the game itself (Ace of Spades) isn’t opensource and was bought by Jagex so there is little we can do with the current game. Openspades itself is just a client alternative the the 0.75 client.

Some people have started out to make a new version of AoS but there has been little development

I think that the game just has to reach more people through advertisement or social media or something like that and it will basically spread

Does anybody have any ideas at all?

I say we create a channel on YouTube and just post videos about the game on there or on our own channels. I also believe we should have events on the Aloha PK servers every now and then to keep crowds interested. I have told friends about OS, yet none of them seem extremely interested where they would hop in without me. I have been quite tempted to actually post videos of my own on my channel. Although, I barely have 37 subscribers, since my content is quite lame.

I have 19 subscribers,This is my most viewed video due to Undertale yaoi creators and shit.

It’s all good TheRealStrikerJannersYT, we just haven’t hit it big yet. ;D

Do you guys have a partnership with YouTube? Because if you let youtube put adds on your channel it will automatically promote and spread your videos more

Actually, I feel that the playerbase has risen a little bit recently. I seem to remember maybe 40 people being on at peak hours like a month ago but now it seems that it’s more like 150. That’s still nothing. I honestly think, at this point, we should abandon the game or at least wait for a new client that’s not connected to the old servers. I believe muffin is working on something currently. Once we do so I say we just try and spread the word of the new client. The reason I say we don’t do this with the old one is that we can’t really work on it or update it. Better to start with something new.

dont worry guys i have all the fame we need

116 views and counting :slight_smile:

Honestly it’s a start. We just need more people posting more stuff like this on YouTube and things like that and it will get more people on this game and it will start it up again.

What is he working on exactly? I am very interested in this. Also, I love it, and I don’t think we should abandon it really. I do believe however, we should branch out and possibly add some small, but new and interesting features. For example, a side arm, or a class that heals players. Although, that might change the game, so I am not for sure. Sorry for going off topic, but please tell me what Muffin is attempting to do!

Zeitgeist :slight_smile:

The thing is, I feel we should grow Aloha PK as a whole, not just BnS / OS. Although, I fell if we get BnS some publicity, it may help this forum grow as well. SOrry for the double post, I don’t wanna seem like I am spamming, I just want to get my questions as well as thoughts in the mix as well.

@Zeitgeist Yeah I think that’s a good idea, if we can spread aloha.pk I think that will spread BnS/OS a lot and it will also spread everything else that aloha.pk does and it will keep causing a chain reaction with aloha growing and BnS/OS growing as more people will be using aloha’s minecraft servers and BnS servers and it will spread pretty quickly. That’s a good idea

This game has an insane amount of potential it just needs a little bit of a “boost”. There are so much possibilities for gamemodes, mods, servers, and a ton of other things. Imagine how much this game could grow and imagine all of the content and playability that could be added to it, while still being like the original BnS. We don’t have to give that up, I’m pretty sure big server hosts like aloha.pk will still keep the original servers up to play ,like walls and stuff, and get rid of hackers, but there could be so much more and this will surly keep the game alive and keep people playing.

He was just working on a separate client. It would look a lot like the older version of aos and not like os. I think he said it wasn’t going to connect to the old servers. I think that’s a good thing because that means he can add his own features if he wanted. Not limited by aos’s weapons and such. Also, I don’t think we could add anything to aos other than gamemodes with servers. So while we can create gamemodes and stuff adding new weapons is practically impossible due to us not having the source code. Or at least I don’t think they have it. Having a client that we could actually add stuff to would be great. Os could add stuff to it but I don’t think the creator wants to sacrifice it being able to connect to old servers.

iirc he was working on a client with plans to completely make a new game similar to aos. not sure if he is still working on it or not tho (prob ded tho)

Nice,a new client.

Knowing our luck, it probably did die while in early development.