We need a better logo for aloha.pk website

the current logo at the top of the site could be better. i’m thinking something retro, blocky/voxel-ish. simple. not too big in height, width doesn’t matter. preferably with the Hawaiian flag: http://aloha.pk/flag.png

if you can whip something up i’d love to see some samples!

I’m certified with using Photoshop CS4 believe it or not and I can whip you a sample in two days. Mind expanding on what you want it to look like? What size? I can give you several if you list what want exactly and I’ll be glad to help. :wink:

Someone should just build the Hawaiian flag on a map. Voxel + flag = Win.

Union jacks for everyone!

no takers? :-\

i’m getting tired of the current one. obviously my logo-making skills aren’t anything to talk about. ::slight_smile: i’d love to see a simple and clean pixely/voxely logo at the top of every page. current size is 400x38 and it would be best to keep it around there but it can be wider or taller if necessary. best to keep the flag or a variation of it but i guess it doesn’t have to stay. “aloha player killers” should be the most dominant part of the logo and easily readable.

I’ll give it a shot, but if you have any other preferences tell me please.

I think it would be cool to have a voxel-ish island with a palm tree, because after all, the word aloha is Hawaiian.

here’s an updated logo from Danke:

i like it. what do you guys think?

Looks Great Nice Work Danke

Alright, well nevermind then. That looks bloody amazing.

Venom i’ve seen your work before and im certain you can come up with something amazing, i’d like to see your creation(s).

@danke; good-job I like it. :smiley:

Probably not, on the old AoS forum there was another venom as well who made graphics as well as myself, so i’m 95% sure you’re thinking of him.

We should use that one.

I love the new logo

Yeah, isn’t it awesome? 8)

No its amazing

It’s nice, except the shadow messes with my depth perception (the y and p stand out particularly).

Reki since you made me look I notice that too.

Crap, now every time I look I see the P and Y sticking out. lol

didn’t notice that… now i can’t unsee

Great i do see it now…but at least it’s an easy fix