Votekicked for "FUK OFF"

I went onto the FFAX server, and was almost immediately votekicked for “FUK OFF”. I was just wondering how long that kick lasts, as I didn’t get to see anything after the votekick was announced (that’s how quickly both of them voted). Love to get back to that as soon as possible. =D

Votekicks last 30 minutes. Who was in the server?

EDIT: JKs, I got rid of the kick. Enjoy playing.

I was able to get on shortly after I posted this topic, but I hadn’t thought to check the forum for a reply until now. I thought I would have to wait, maybe about one night or something.
So thank you for un-kicking me!

Also, I wasn’t smart enough to check on who was kicking me.
Not sure if you were kidding about that, but…

I bet a lot of them did. The ones that stay here don’t want to pay for 1.0.