Vizsla (again) by Flerikko

[b] Hello my dear Aloha Admins and Mods. Last year, Oct-Nov, my clan leader, Vizsla, was banned, and I only knew recently. He made a ban appeaI, but was denied. I hope this time, you will find your heart to forgive and understand him. ( )

I would kindly request to please unban him, for he has proven himself very responsible, tries his best, determined to help us, teach us lessons, and inspired the Iron Sentinels! (Armored Saints was the old name)

Vizsla is an honest man. He never gave up on us. Even if he is banned, he never gave up. Even if he is always busy, he looks after us. He is grateful in small things. He defends us, and try his best not to get into fights. He is understanding enough, to forgive us.

So I try to do my best to make it up for him. I want to help him help others and be known as a man for others. And to do that, i need him unbanned, so i am asking permission.

If he is unbanned, we will be trully happy, and make sure each of us plays fair. With that opportunity for him to play, we may learn more and get inspired, until we ourselves will be good examples for’s new players.

I will promise you, that we will be known not as a bad influence, but a good role models for others. If in case he has broken any aloha rules that results ban, I will take behalf.

Thank you for your time and cooperations. Feel free to ask us anything. You may PM me for personal concerns.You may as well reach Vizsla through PM/mail at [/b]


I am the admin who banned Vizsla. Thank you very much for take time to write this appeal. After dicussed among Admins, and we agreed that Vizsla should be re-appeal if he want to play again.



Thank you for the second chance you have given to my friend. I will inform him to make a new appeal.

Unless stated otherwise banned players may appeal again after a reasonable time (3ish months)