version 1.0 ....

The version will have RPG or MMG ???

Man… this thinks will fuck the game --’

I doubt that they will ruin the game.
Then again, I doubt that we will ever get 1.0 or 0.76, considering the fact that Jagex now owns AoS and that Ben can’t do shit about it.

WOAH! Jagex as in RuneScape and FunOrb???

Correct, the guys who made Runescape are taking over AoS.

I don’t understand why Ben sold AoS to them :confused:

Dude, excuse me for the language, but we are fucked now. They have not updated FunOrb (one of their sights) in years!!!


Next update will allow us to conjure magic, use magical spells, kill orcs, and have currency called gold.


I am the JaGEx representative.

I want to tell you all a few changes that we here at JaGEx think will make the game better:

  1. Ace of Spades shall henceforth be called Master of Shovels. We believe that this new name will bring the MMORPG crowd into the game.
  2. Since we are trying to bring the MMORPG crowd to this game, we have decided to make MoS third person instead of first person.
  3. We are also taking out guns and putting in wands. Grenades are now fireballs.
  4. Spades are now Swords.
  5. Blocks are now Bricks.
  6. We are implementing intel RPG as the only gamemode and taking away pyspades.
  7. No more private servers. If you run a private server YOU WILL BE SUED! You may only play on JaGEx servers.
  8. We are shutting down Aloha and Minit


If you change spades to swords (4), how is it Master of Shovels (1)?

Why is it called Run Escape if you’re supposed to stand and fight?

Hey man, its a fun game,

I don’t know, I hate the game and I certainly didn’t make up the name.

Why is is dubbed Arc a Nist, if you don’t arc any Nists?

Why is it called Ace of Spades when anybody who aims and shoots the best with a gun is superior?


According to GamingFTW, he’s racked up over 100+ killstreaks with spades, so I guess HE is the Ace of spades.

So I’ve heard. Then he truly is.

EDIT: This made me think we should have a spade only server.

This has been suggested many times, and I believe Dany0 has made a version of this. It’s pretty fun, you should ask him.

I’ve suggested it more than three times so far, but ultimately it’s izzy’s decision whether to add it.

NOOOOOOOOOOOOO,WHY BEN WHY,sorry but i dont like they will make game so different.