Ur right, but it needed to be said


You’re not helping Torch in any way by making this topic.

Don’t want to sound like a dick and look like i hate Torch but, Admins thinks they have enough evidence to keep the ban on. Of course ppl are mad, Torch was a big part of the community and was also a clan leader.
This thread isn’t helping Torch whatsoever. We’ll need to wait. Maybe Danke will one day come back on his decision.

Both memories and certainty fade with time. Only truth remains. Don’t fret over me. :smiley:

I am the one who knows what happened. If Danke had known he wouldn’t have said “what” “how did you shoot me?” (paraphrased, since the full chat logs weren’t provided for some reason) after I shot him. Eventually, my consistent story, (I didn’t have to make up anything, the sliver I talked about’s existence verified to be true by Danke himself. There was no way I would’ve known the sliver was there AND that he was perfectly lined up for that sliver shot to even be possible unless I actually had shot him from there. Sure, it could’ve been a super random guess, but the probability of that is extremely small and would’ve been foolish for me to hedge my bets on and I wouldn’t have brought it up until much much later if that was the case. Since it happened… I brought it up right away.) or the fading emotions from the ban/the humiliation that would be attached to admitting the ban was wrong/any vice opinion held against me will fade. Rosy retrospection will do its work eventually.

Hi ,Torch!

Unban Torch! Unban Torch!

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