Unfair Votekick

I was unfairly vote kicked last night by the opponent’s team (or more like a couple of immature players from [FX] clan who kept trying to kick me because I was retrieving all the briefcases on pinpoint server). They kept accusing me of hacking (aimbot) which I wasn’t. There was a guard on the server who should of checked my accuracy stats or even spectated me but he didn’t. They managed to boot me after 3 attempts, now it marks me as banned and I can’t play any aloha servers (i only play on aloha.pk). You guys really should reconsider who you pick as guards for this one didn’t do a good job. Izzy said the ban only lasts 30 mins. Its been almost 12+ hours now…

Edit: PXYC took a look at the thread and was kind enough to unban me. Thanks dude!


I just received an unfair votekick by the same kid who started a votekick on me last week.
I received an unfair ban last week and now today again.
Previous votekick/ban complain can be found here http://ace-spades.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=243&t=11369

Here is a screenshot before i got kicked out of pinpoint a few minutes ago.
I’m clearly NOT hacking…

Can anything be done about this player?
Every time I bump in to him in a server he starts a votekick against me and he has successfully done it twice.
I want an admin to unban me and to apply some kind of punishment to Dialga.

-[TSB] Ducky

PS. Check the chat log, I wasn’t even provoking him or anything. 24/7 pinpoint…