Unfair ban, people were calling me racial comments, trying to get me to argue

  1. Votekicks last only 30 minutes. Did you wait at least 30 minutes to make sure your “ban” is not just a votekick?
    I was kicked by admin, i could not log back on, it said i was banned

  2. What is your in-game player name? Please include it in the subject of this topic as well.
    his own mom

  3. What server were you playing on when you got banned? Reminder: We can only help you with bans that took place on aloha.pk servers.

  4. Why were you banned? Lying severely decreases your chances of getting unbanned. If your “little brother” got you banned, tell him to make an appeal, or accept responsibility on his behalf.
    I don’t know why I was banned but I think it was because I was arguing with people. I know I have grown to be a bit notorious when it comes to that, but I was trying to just play the game and I was dragged into an argument with somebody who clearly was trying to get me to say things right infront of an admin, and was being quite rude. Another person was making racial comments and asking if i was black. If you read the conversations, itll show you that he was trying to provoke me, and gave him a bit of a smart*** remark in return. I wasnt even looking for a fight either…

  5. Why should you be unbanned?
    I really think that was an unreasonable ban and i think some people are trying too hard to ban me now for even a small offense, because they don’t like me…

  6. When were you banned? Best approximate date and time, please.
    11:06 EST

No thanks.

I’ve warned and muted you under a thousand different aliases, and they have all had the same reason: You are extremely combative and rude towards other players. You routinely call others faggots, tell people to go fuck themselves, and curse people out in general. You get into fights with strangers, and it seems like you argue solely for the sake of arguing. In this particular instance, the “player in question” (who was me, by the way) made a simple statement about how you shouldn’t be so rude to others (this was directly following where a player entered the server and you proceeded to call him gay right away). You responded to this with “you’re just mad because you suck and I own you” and then further elaborated on the situation, acting inflammatorily and rudely. I think I speak for more people than just myself when I say that you need to fix your attitude. The other day, I hopped onto a server, killed you, and you called me a “fucking faggot” straight off the bat. If you’re going to behave like that then you can kindly hop off. This particular instance was nothing horribly major, to be honest. It was more of the straw that broke the camel’s back, really.

Your ban is set to expire in five days. In the meantime, do some good hard thinking about why you were banned, and how you can modify your behavior to be less rude and disgusting towards others, so that I do not hear complaints about someone being upset every time you enter a server.

If you about YOUR aliases, ok, but if you are saying I have different aliases, It offends me that you would say I do when I don’t and you can even check my IP (I don’t know how to confirm it, I don’t run servers). If you look back at the chats carefully and look at other people OTHER than me, you can see that i called that person gay after he called someone ELSE gay. It might not have involved me but i thought it was quite rude of him, especially when he called his name out. It took you minutes to even respond to what I said and you kept repeating things and trying to provoke me. In the past few days I really havent even tried to get into an argument though I may have said some rude remarks every now and then. You were clearly trying to provoke me into insulting you this time and I believe that you wanted to ban me for it because of a personal grudge. It would be nice to get another admin or someone to review the logs and give their opinion on the matter, because I feel this was quite unfair. You were trying to push me into insulting you and you expected me to.

In fact, now that you mention it, I remember numerous times recently when somebody (perhaps one of your aliases) talked to me on pinpoint and babel and tried to provoke me out of the blue and trying to get me to say something something rude. I think you’re trying too hard to get me banned…

I have no qualms with you personally, and wasn’t trying to incite an argument. I am simply tired of having to deal with your constant nonsense.

I have given you reasons so I don’t exactly think it is nonsense, and that this is quite unfair. When I said “you’re just mad because you suck and I own you”, it was after you kept repeating your words to me and trying to provoke me. I personally think what I said wasn’t even that harsh in the situation that happened and I was trying to restrain myself from saying something too inappropriate.

Again, I already said that I was not trying to incite an argument, as well as this incident was not particularly awful, it was (as I said earlier) the straw that broke the camel’s back. Anyway, I do not want to argue with you, as my mind was made up the moment I hit enter. You will remain banned for five days.

Shame. I was the admin there with Spring at that time. We were both under an alias.

There’s quite a line between a person who offends others, and a person who regularly does it over and over again. Given that this is your ban appeal, I don’t recommend attempting to bring others down as well. What you said was true; you called someone gay in a derogatory way after someone else did it. There was no need to intervene and get into an argument. All bias aside, from my point of view, Spring was being generous in that he allowed you to apologize and think for your own actions, rather than “provoking you”. He did not do it multiple times as you said in the logs.

<31> you say you are purposely attempting
<31> brother isnt a black word?
<31> to be rude anf inflammatory
<31> to get people mad at you?
<31> <|Drakos|> you mad brother
<31> no, pbn
<31> are you
<31> then what are you saying
<31> u are simply mad at me
<31> because i own ur ass.
<31> trying to make people mad?
<31> * Ced Tuma (IP, ID 29) entered!
<31> is that clear enough for u?

I’ve personally had multiple encounters of seeing you attacking people and provoking them yourself to have an argument. My verdict is the same as Spring. See you in five days, and think about your actions. If you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it, and as you said: It’s a game, chill out.

This wasn’t even the entire conversation. I didn’t want to get into an argument. Perhaps you may have thought you weren’t provoking me, but to me you were, if you look at the entire conversation. I don’t think he was giving me an opportunity to apologize as much as it looked like he was trying to get into an argument (probably because of how he worded what he said). I also do remember saying “chill out, its a game” after someone else said something, and that the whole thing that started this I think was Spring saying something about why I don’t chill out or something to do with that. Based on how he was talking, I think any average person would think he was trying to argue. If provoking someone in such a way is what you think as giving someone an opportunity to “apologize and think for your own actions”, I think you’re doing it wrong. I still think that the 5 day ban is a bit too much for this however if you’re adamant on that, fine. I’d just like to point out that you should do things a bit differently and be a bit more careful with words if you are intending to do something. It would have been simple enough to just tell me to please stop being so rude and that I shouldn’t be so harsh to others, I would have ended the argument right there and stopped talking.

Also, do you really think anyone would “apologize” with such vague wording on Spring’s part? His words don’t seem like he was asking for an apology, it seems he was trying to get me to talk more.

It also didn’t help that there were other people insulting me and saying racial comments during the whole conversation especially when at least one of them was saying rude things to me when I never even said a word to him. It definitely does wear down on a person’s temper. You should have talked to the person calling me black as well because racial comments are just blatantly inappropriate.

Thank you for your consideration. For the umpteenth time, I was legitimately not trying to start an argument with you. I am sorry that you felt this way. I do not want there to be any ill will going forward, as there was none in the first place. Just be conscious of your actions in the future and think about how the people around you might be offended by what you say. If you can do this, then hopefully we will not find ourselves in this situation again… Have a nice 5/7ths of a week.

Do me a favor as well and think about how your own actions might be offending to people around you and the people you are trying to speak to. If you can’t understand a person’s reasoning, then it really doesn’t matter whether or not they understand yours. It would be nice to have your own consideration.

See you in 5 days I suppose, though I still think it is unreasonable.

You continue to not accept responsibility for your own actions and instead look to find the faults in others.

This strategy will fail.

I was expecting someone to say that. I realize I’m not the nicest person and I may say innapropriate things at times, i can’t deny that. But in this particular instance i felt provoked into saying something, and that’s exactly what they wanted. Plus I know you, ei8htx DO have a personal grudge on me based on our talks before including in game.

Please stop baiting our staff. Thanks.

If you can admit this much then you can admit the ban was justified. Just wait the 5 days and try to be a little less talkative next time :wink:

Juxta, It’s ironic because I felt baited. And WindSpirit, I don’t feel that the ban was justified as they were trying to pressure me into saying something. Before that, I was playing with them on the server for like an hour and I didn’t say a word. (There was like 8 people on). I’ll wait 5 days but it still felt wrong to be banned for such an offense.

Great see you then.

Its funny, you said “Great see you then” in an attempt to bait me even more. I’ll respond to satisfy you then. Some responsible staff you are. (Assuming you are staff)

Can someone please lock this topic now? Cheers.