Unfair Ban Complaint

My Ace of Spades username is LShax, I was playing on “aloha.pk capture the flag” on the map “island” and a player whose username was “andre” was on the other team, and obviously cheating. He admitted to it and was “perm banned” immediately for “admitted hacker”. I think a permanent ban is unfair and unreasonable after someone admits to cheating in AoS. If someone is cheating and is finally votekicked after many attempts, isn’t that a worse thing to do than cheat and admit to it? If anything, I believe the punishment for admitting to cheating should be lighter than that for cheating and not admitting to it.

I would like to request that “andre” be let back on the aloha server “aloha.pk capture the flag” and that future “admitted hackers” be let off with a lighter punishment than those that cheat, do not admit it, and must be votekicked.

Please respond to this complaint.

In 99.99% of cases, they admit it because they believe no one can do anything about it. Which is generally true, votekicks only last 30 minutes.
So, if they admit it I feel like they’re gloating, or boasting, or whatever.

“Haha, I’m hacking and there’s nothing you can do about it!” I’ve had cases like this.

At any rate, I guess I could calculate a 1 year ban. Is that what you mean by lighter punishments?

Real answer is no. Lighter punishments shouldn’t be used.

Many times when I see someone cheating, they will never get quite enough votes to be kicked, or if they do, they will be banned for only thirty minutes. I think it would be better for someone to cheat and admit to it even if they are gloating because they cause fewer problems than unsuccessful votekick after unsuccessful votekick.

I think that admitting to cheating should lighten the penalty, not increase it.

That is what I meant by a ‘lighter punishment’

Every case is different. we have reduced sentences for such things and have let people off. This is what the ban appeal section is for and it is up to the admin and the proof they have weather or not this happens. When others go out of their way to do something wrong, the penalty must be paid. Players will not come to the servers if there is nothing being done. If someone killed your family member and admitted to it, should they get a lesser sentence? I should hope not. I know this is just a game but people come on here to have fun and they should not have to put up with idiots who want to ruin others fun.