Unbann me Please

Can you please unbann me i have been trying to play aloha for a long time but every time i join it kicks me out i have tried every thing but im still banned i recall using aimbot i take full responsibility i know i shouldn’t of but there was a guy with aimbot and i got mad so started playing aimbot just a couple times aimbot is usless takes the fun out of the game there is no point i promise to never use aimbot if there is a hacker in the lobby i promise to alert admins

Cheaters, with absolutely no exception, deserve to be permanently punished untill they successfully appeal.
get this ^ into that empty head of yours.

I recomend checking this out http://aloha.pk/index.php?topic=762.0
And I will also contact the admin responsible for that ban.

KOBOBEast, you are currently banned from all Aloha servers. Attempts to join them while banned constitutes evasion, which is not going to help your case.

For the sake of having some sort of standardization for appeals, can you please edit your first post and follow the template SnIpEr linked you to? Once we get that out of the way, we may continue…