Unban Request

My IGN: Misterspork

I have been banned from the Last Team Standing server, one of my favorites available.
I did not see the reason, as I was not expecting the votekick. I suspect I was being accused of aimbotting.
I detest aimbotters, and I’m sure the majority of you admins and moderators know what it’s like to have little kids accuse you of aimbotting.
I request that you unban my account, and I can start playing on my favorite server again.

If you wish to know the situation that possibly got me banned:
I was playing on the map Mini Deck Arena, and I had found a strategy

1-3 players always run across the area opposite to blue spawn, so I run to the front and ready my sights to shoot them as they run by. I usually get 0-2 of them, most of the time 1.
After that, make sure noone else is there and run around the corner to pick off the campers inside the strange structure. I remembered the positions they usually take and ran to those positions. Sometimes I get killed, but it is usually worth it.
Finally, the last section after the plan falls apart, go further to the left and try to pick off the campers in the hanging bunker and behind the box there.
After that, just run after anyone left by then.

I can see why I was suspected, but I can try to prove that I never aimbotted, if I knew how.

Votekick only last 30 min, but I wish I could help you but I don’t have that authority, Only admins and izzy has, Im pretty sure, and IM not even a guard, anywho, Well wait your 30 min and you should be good, I have also been banned not to long ago my brother {RS}ace got votekicked/banned for fake… anywho Would you please unban me? I know its only 30 but I would like to get backed to playing ASAP, Thank you, Also Misterspork Good luck with your problem too!

i’m guessing it was only a votekick? are you able to play now?

Yes I am able to play now, Sorry, I had to go to bed last night and I was so busy today to reply and say its fine.

I tried to join the Last Team Standing server, and the message I got was server full rather than banned, so I assume it was only a votekick.

I feel like a system should be put in place to prevent innocent players that haven’t yet been trusted from getting votekicked by butthurt kids.