Unban me plz

My friend played last time on my account in an aloha.pk server.
when i tried to play the same server it said: “banned”.
I found in my carbagecan on my destkop: WTFAOS.exe and WTFAOS.ddl i opened it and it is a hack!
so my friend was hacking on my account, and now i can’t play any other server of aloha.pk.
So can you unban me from the aloha.pk servers?
Greetz ThompyNL

First of all,

  1. is ThompyPL your IGN as well as your forum name.
  2. why would you let someone on your PC and not know what they are doing.
  3. when did the event occour and what exact server
  4. what name was “your friend” using when he got you banned
  5. is he still your friend if you dont get the ban removed
    more than likely its just a temporary ban anyhow and will be lifted between 12 and 24 hrs.
    If it happens that this isnt the case, feel free to respond back
  1. yes
  2. i was cooking for my and my friend because i was home alone…
  3. aloha.pk intel rpg 21-05-2012
  4. ThompyNL Or HeadHunt because i changed it to look if i get in the server again with another InGame Name…
  5. Yes because its my friend and i know it was hiss fold, but he will never ever use my computer again!

For how long did your friend play on your computer? Can you give an estimation?

i think like half a hour…

Well, that’s strange, cause the aimbot alarm has been ringing next to your name all day that day from the moment you started playing at 11am CET.

Care to explain?

i woke up at: 13:30PM.
and the only player at my home is my brother, so he is maybe hacking on my name.

How unfortunate. When did you actually play yourself for the last time?