UNBAN me, please!

I don’t know the reason for which I got ban. Probably, there was some mistake. When I change the Internet Protocol address, then I can play. But it’s inconvenient for me. :frowning:


I am the admin who banned you from babel, one of our famous server. Let me introduce you about aloha. We are very easy group and we believe on the second chance to those whose come forward, admitted their wrong doing and promise not to hack again. On the other hand we are pretty harsh to anyone who did not tell the true. On the top of it, aloha’s staff would never ban anyone without reason.

I am giving you another chance to revise your story by telling the true. Do you know any player name Skyline?



Yes, this is my old account.

Is the account you are using right now your old one?Or is Skyline your old account because your grammar is very confusing.